I Lost my Job, Now What?

Your full time job is looking for a job. Stay motivated, look at the prior blogs on this site and leverage all of the resources available on and off the Internet.

Keeping Up with a Changing Job Market: 6 Recession-Proof Jobs We All Need to Know About

If you’re after a career that provides you with job security, here are six recession-proof jobs that you need to know about

7 Lucrative Healthcare Careers and How to Land Your First Job

The healthcare sector is vast and offers some of the most rewarding careers. Quality healthcare is a basic need since patients deserve compassionate care, and healthcare organizations always look for qualified professionals to fill open positions.

6 Benefits to Using a Temp Agency to Find a Job

Finding a permanent position can be difficult in this economy, consider temporary assignments if you are in the job market. Read on to explore 6 benefits

Careers That Will Provide You With an Incredible Sense of Contentment and Well-Being

Having a job is necessary, but in order to have a career, the field that you work in most typically needs to be one in which you take an interest or in which you have a strong interest.

How Do I Find Jobs on LinkedIn?

So many people are capitalizing on LinkedIn, from getting LinkedIn training for sales teams to individual entrepreneurs using it as a content marketing platform to job seekers using it to empower their career. For them it starts with the resume.

Career Planning Tips for Professional Success

Starting your new career as a professional can be a little bit of a challenge. There are a lot of paths that you can choose […]

3 Tips to Picking a Career That You’ll Actually Like

love job dream job

Whether you’re still in high school or recently graduated from college, figuring out what career to pursue can be challenging – especially if it’s the first job out of school. It can be scary, but you don’t need to panic.

10 Qualities Employers Look for in Job Candidates

Networking for Job Search

As a global trade hub with a healthy domestic market, Singapore is a place where enterprises—big and small—create a dizzying array of job opportunities each […]

Top 3 Career Opportunities to Explore After a Master’s in Counseling Psychology in 2022

Counseling psychology is a field that is focused on helping people to develop their lives and improve their mental health. The field of counseling psychology covers a wide range of topics, including issues such as depression and anxiety.

How to Make a Career as a Commercial Pilot in the US?

commercial pilot

As a commercial pilot, you have the chance to travel around the world and see all kinds of places. The best part is that you get paid while doing it.

5 Different Types Of IT Jobs If You Love Computers

If you’re a loud and proud tech geek or a self-proclaimed computer nerd, then a job in IT is definitely something you should consider. 

How to Land Your First Job

Do you feel like the job search is a balancing act where you need to have your resume, cover letter, and interview prep all in tip-top shape at the same time? It can feel like an impossible trifecta

4 Hot Careers in the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is one of the biggest in the entire world. Careers in the automotive industry provide stable, high-paying jobs

Finishing Your Job Search Plan Lists – Lesson 2

While you may have all good intentions in launching your search, a poorly executed plan (or no plan at all) will most likely have you chasing hundreds of leads without any real benefit.

Dealerships Vs. Indy Shops: Which Motorcycle Mechanic Jobs Are Best for You?


Do you have a passion for motorcycles that goes beyond the aesthetic appeal? Do you enjoy working on your own bikes? If so, you might fare well as a motorcycle mechanic or technician.

4 Tips for Choosing a Career That’s Right for You

Your career has a big impact on your future. And, when it comes to deciding on your career goals and job aspirations, making these big life decisions can sometimes be stressful. Before deciding what career path to pursue, carefully consider your options.

Different Real Estate Careers: Which One Is Right for You?

Becoming a part of the real estate industry is one of the most adventurous things in the world, but it’s also among the hardest. This is a great way to make a living and earn tons of money, but this is only possible if you pick the right approach and career

6 Surprising Things You Can Do With A Health Coach Certification

A major skill that you need to be a coach is to be able to relate to people in the right way. This means that you can have empathy with your clients and their situation.

Who’s Got Your Job? Recruiters & Headhunters

Recruiters are an important part of any job search and you will need to get your name and resume out to the recruiters that best match your skill set and experience.

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