How To Land Your Dream Job

While your dream job may have become more practical since you were a child (not everyone can have a career as a princess, for example), you must have the faith within yourself to continue dreaming. Don’t let fear stand in the way of your goals

How to use Feng Shui to find a Career

If you’ve been out of work for a while, you know how frustrating it is to keep looking, all the time wondering if there’s a […]

Networking For A Job: 4 Types of People That Can Help

Finding a new job can be challenging. If you are not seeing results or gains you, it’s may be a sign to make a change, or at least an improvement, to your job search strategy.

Refreshing your Job Search

Like everything else in life, too many or unrealistic goals will lead to failure, so keep your refresh task list short and make it count.

Gear You Need for Your Job Search

Job search can be a long and challenging process, but it doesn’t have to be.  If you’ve not had any success in your job search then maybe it’s time to change your approach.

How Do I Find Jobs on LinkedIn?

So many people are capitalizing on LinkedIn, from getting LinkedIn training for sales teams to individual entrepreneurs using it as a content marketing platform to job seekers using it to empower their career. For them it starts with the resume.

How To Become A PCB Designer

PCB designers are often in demand due to the sheer amount of printed circuit boards that are required every single day. If you think that you might have the skills that would make you perfect for this career, then make sure to get qualified and try it out today.

5 Smart Tips for LinkedIn Self-Promotion

Smartly executed self-promotion is the key to career advancement, and in our hyper-connected days, LinkedIn is one of the best tools to help you do this

Who’s Got Your Job? Recruiters & Headhunters

Recruiters are an important part of any job search and you will need to get your name and resume out to the recruiters that best match your skill set and experience.

Job Search Boards and Thousands of Jobs

Hard to believe, but 27 job search boards is just the tip of the iceberg. These are not necessarily the 27 biggest or best, but the list does include the usual suspects.

14 Job Search Resources

The best way to focus is to select search resource types that match you industry. Read on to find a wealth of resources and links for your job search.

5 Mistakes to Avoid on Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn should be the first place you list major new accomplishments.

3 Job Search Strategies That Will Make You Forget About Traditional Methods

Usenet is older than the Internet. So, why is it a valuable job search tool? This is because Usenet has a huge user base, and many of these individuals share job postings on discussion boards that are found within newsgroups.

8 Reasons Why You Won’t be Hired

We all know that job search can be tough and there are so many reasons why your search may take longer than you had hoped. The economy, your industry, your experience and competition are just a few of the factors that will impact your ability to land a new job.

Things you need to know before you apply for a job in marketing – 2021 edition

Becoming a good marketer will not only require a lot of your time & energy but also knowledge in analytics and a lot of creativity. So, before you apply for a job in marketing, be sure to have what it takes if you want to land your first job successfully.

Building A Career In Marketing

There is no industry that does not use marketing in some form or another, so if you get into marketing you are likely always going to be in demand. That is a very strong position to be in, and one that you are certainly going to want to seek out

Job Loss – Make it Your Job to Budget Properly


Okay, so you lost your job. Maybe you knew it was going to happen and you weren’t surprised, maybe you had no clue and it was a total shock. However you got here, the truth is you are out of work and it’s time to start your job search.

What You Need To Know Before Starting Your Job Search

The vast majority of jobs today probably won’t make it out of the job boards so the look of your resume will not be as significant as the content

5 Reasons Why Less is More in Your Job Search

Let people know you are job hunting, the more that know, the better the chance that you will learn about opportunities.

Top Tips for Leveraging Your Smartphone for Your Job Search

It is only those qualified individuals who get their resume and application submitted within the first 100 responses that tend to get an interview (and ultimately, someone of this group will get the job)

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