How to Use for Your Job Search – Part 1

Whether you are new to job search or have experience, setting up a job search engine to focus on your search can be frustrating and time-consuming.

Top 5 Tips For Job Search Success

Getting a job isn’t easy, especially as there are possibly hundreds of other people applying for the same roles. The job market is competitive, and you need to stand out from the crowd to succeed.

I Lost my Job, Now What?

Your full time job is looking for a job. Stay motivated, look at the prior blogs on this site and leverage all of the resources available on and off the Internet.

4 Signs That It’s Time To Look For A New Job

We’ve all wanted to quit our job at some point.  Maybe your boss doesn’t appreciate your work, maybe you are having a bad day or maybe you are just not paid what you are worth.  Whatever your reason, when should you really start looking for a job?

How To Complete A Successful Job Search

Searching for a new job can be an exciting prospect, but it can also be very stressful. However, with the correct tools and education, you will be well on your way to finding a job of a lifetime.

The Experts Who Help You To Land Your Dream Job

It’s fair to say that if ticking off the skill requirements in every job description were all it took to land your dream job; there would be fewer job seekers.

Rewarding Careers if You Love Helping Others

Do you love helping others and would like a job in line with your passion? There are many options for you regardless of whether you love helping people directly or love working for the better good of society.

Your Job Search References

Your references can make or break you. They must be representative of your career and social networks. The general rule of thumb is to avoid relatives, but you should definitely leverage “friends of the family”.

4 Tips for Overcoming Your Fear of Job Searching

Put your goals in writing and eliminate each as they’re completed. Alternatively, write down every detail of each day so you can review your efforts and track your progress, or lack thereof. Keep in mind, this necessitates changes.

15 Tips for Improving Your Job Search

Job search is a challenging process, but certainly not a difficult one.  Don’t overcomplicate the process. Focus on the necessary steps and execute your plan. Following is a list of tips to help you improve your job search and focus on what is important.

Why You Need a Website for Your Job Search

In job search, marketing is key and having a job search marketing toolkit should be part of your job search plan.  Let’s face it, most employers will do an extensive web search of each candidate prior to (or certainly during) any interview process.

5 Steps to Making a Fresh Start for Job Search

Looking for a new job can be a long and challenging process, but it doesn’t have to be.  If you’ve not had any success in your job search then maybe it’s time to change your approach.

How To Land Yourself a Tech Job Without Big Credentials

What if we said that it’s possible to land yourself a tech job without big credentials? It might sound too good to be true, but if you think you’ve got what it takes then we’ve got the advice that could change your life.

Careers in Social Working

Family health is one of the most important things to get right. A family unit is not only good for the children, but for the adults involved, and thus society as a whole.

6 Unexpected Tricks For Landing Your Dream Job

Today’s job market is a highly competitive place, and in order to stand out from the hundreds of other applicants who may be applying for the same position you need to be on your A-game.

Different Real Estate Careers: Which One Is Right for You?

Becoming a part of the real estate industry is one of the most adventurous things in the world, but it’s also among the hardest. This is a great way to make a living and earn tons of money, but this is only possible if you pick the right approach and career

The Keys To A Successful Farm

If there is one business in the world that is constantly changing, it’s farming. Farming has seen some amazing changes in the last couple of decades. It doesn’t matter whether you are brand new to farming or you’re an old hat at doing what you do best. 

Job Search Guide: How To Find A Diverse And Inclusive Workplace

Diversity and inclusion initiatives have become central in the workplace because of the impact it holds on employee productivity. A diverse and inclusive workplace is not easy to come by, so here are a few things to look out for in the search for one.

Dealerships Vs. Indy Shops: Which Motorcycle Mechanic Jobs Are Best for You?


Do you have a passion for motorcycles that goes beyond the aesthetic appeal? Do you enjoy working on your own bikes? If so, you might fare well as a motorcycle mechanic or technician.

The Skills You Need To Become A Project Manager

Project management is quite a popular career choice at all times, and with good reason. It can be particularly suitable for anyone who enjoys having a bit of control and power in their work. But what skills are needed in order to become a project manager?

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