Top Books for High-Demand High-Paying Jobs

Deciding which career is best for you is a challenging process. What professions are in demand in the labor market today?

Craft the Perfect Cover Letter: Length & Tips

how long should a cover letter be

Job search is a competitive process, and having an awesome cover letter is an important first step in getting an interview.

How To Print Your Resume Professionally

A printed resume is something every job seeker should have on hand, and it is one way to demonstrate your professionalism. Don’t assume that the interviewer will have a copy of your resume (although they should), bring several printed resumes with you (even if you only plan to see one person).

Ace Your Resume: 10 Top Tips for College Students’ Success

college student resume

Creating a great resume can be a challenging task for college students and recent college grads.

Land Your First Job: A Step-by-Step Guide!

The best chance you have at landing a job in your industry once you’ve graduated is to plan and launch a job search campaign. It’s much easier to find a job when you know what you’re looking for.

Top Phone Interview Questions and Tips

Phone interviews have become very popular as the first interview in the hiring process.  Companies are overwhelmed with hundreds of submissions of applicants for each […]

14 Interview Questions That Could Make or Break You

Practice makes perfect, and that includes job interviews. How many times have you been asked that tought question and didn’t have a good answer?

Jobs Working With Children

Do you get on well with kids? Did you never lose your inner child? It sounds like you might be perfectly suited to go into a career working with children.

Top Engineering Jobs: A Guide to the Highest Salaries

Have you heard the acronym STEM? It stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Conventional wisdom says that if you want a career with security and good pay, you should choose one of these fields. Today we will investigate the E in STEM and break down the best paying engineering jobs.

9 Tips for Creating a Modern Resume

Writing a great resume is not an easy task and although the overall unemployment rate is down,  competition for the best jobs at the best companies continues to increase.  Hiring managers now have a large pool of talented candidates to choose from.

6 Job Search Mistakes to Avoid for a Successful Career

Today’s job market is now online, open 24/7 and covering the global community. While this makes some of the processes easy and convenient for job seekers, it also makes the search highly competitive. If you’re one of those having a hard time, it pays to check first if there is something wrong with your job search practices.

Best Ideas for Starting Your Own Business

Are you tired of the 9 to 5 grind? Maybe your industry or the company you work for are headed for failure. Or maybe you are just tired of working for other people and want to manage your own destiny.

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