Holiday Gifts for Job Seekers

holiday gifts

Holiday gifts for job seekers. Are you trying to find the perfect gift for a job seeker? We’ve put together a list of gift ideas that every job seeker would appreciate.

Short Term Loans: A Relief To Your Bad Credit Between Jobs

bad credit

Even the unemployed and those switching between jobs can get a loan, provided that they fulfill certain criteria.

Salary Negotiation – Your Bottom Line

working in accounting

There are not too many people who think they are overpaid. Human nature is to think you worth more than you are being paid (and maybe you are).

Why Women Leave Work Behind

Hostile Work Environment

Women are more prone to discrimination in the workplace than males. Some people are vocal about their experiences and actively fight against workplace discrimination, but others tend to crack under the hostility and discomfort they go through easily.

Leaving The Forces: The Steps Towards The Future

Leaving The Forces

The military can provide a great career for many people. With it comes the opportunity to receive the highest level of training, travel the world, learn to work as a very tight team, whilst serving your country with pride. 

Are You Being Mistreated At Work?


Workplace discrimination is one of the biggest problems that a lot of people will face in their lives. It can often be enough to make a lot of people want to give up on their careers entirely.

How Kaplan Online LSAT Prep Can Help You Reach Law School


If you aspire to become a lawyer, it’s important to note that it’s never going to be an easy path. There are numerous tests and challenges that you have to pass along the way.

How To Advertise For A Job Successfully

Advertise for a job

It’s alright just putting your job advertisements onto a number of job sites, but the reality of that getting quality applicants is going to be hit and miss.

5 Tips for Using Your Existing Knowledge & Skills a New Career

Essential Skills

You really are your own roadblock. If you are thinking about a new opportunity, reach out to those in that field and obtain some feedback based on their real-life experiences.

How Do You Fill The Gaps In Your Working Knowledge?

working knowledge

Despite what your resume says, no matter how impressive it is, you are still only human. This means that from time to time you will have your successes, and you will have your failures

Boosting The Confidence Of Your Team

team building

A team that feels strong and confident is capable of great things. It’s important to build up your team and show them that their work and contribution is valued.

Which Careers Are Best For Paying Off Student Debt

student debt

There are other ways and other types of jobs that offer alternative methods of repaying your student debt, student loan forgiveness, the first of a few of our examples are this type.

Three Ways to Stay Healthy at Work

stay healthy

When you do finally land your dream job, it can be tempting to throw absolutely everything you’ve got into it, particularly if it’s been a long time coming.

Job Search Resources for Your Job Hunt

job search

It’s difficult to say which are the “best” job search resources and books for any given topic. There are so many categories and so many […]

How to Choose the Perfect Career Path

career path

When we reach the end of our education, we may have some idea of our options, but it’s incredibly challenging to know which career path is the right one to take.

How To Plan The Best College Tours With Your Teen

Best College Tours

Finding a college to send your teenage son or daughter to college can be challenging. With this in mind, you should take college tours to check out the universities in advance

Understanding the Importance Of Company Culture

company culture

Company culture is not just another buzzword in the business world. To those in the know, it’s the key to optimizing productivity and achieving a healthy bottom line

Job Search – Ensuring Nothing Negative Comes Up In Your Background Search

background search

A National Police Check contains a list of a person’s disclosable court outcomes and pending charges from all Australian police jurisdictions. This includes traffic and non-police prosecuted matters.

What Every Small Business Needs to Succeed

small business

Marketing is one of the most essential components to the success of any business, large or small. Without attracting new customers you remain stagnant at best.

From Solo Entrepreneur To Starting A Team


Hiring your first employee – Although it might feel like you’re ready, you really need to think about how ready your finances are going to be.

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