5 Reasons Why You Won’t Get a Job Offer

A tremendous amount of time and effort goes into preparing and succeeding in getting a new job. Updating resumes, leveraging your networks, going on interviews, […]

How to be Successful in Your First Job Interview; from Looking the Part to Job Interview Training.

Getting a job straight after university can be difficult and competing with the other thousands of graduates can seem rather daunting. But, with the right interview tips, you’ll ace your first job interview and before you know it, you’ll be employed.

Top Phone Interview Questions and Tips

Phone interviews have become very popular as the first interview in the hiring process.  Companies are overwhelmed with hundreds of submissions of applicants for each […]

Explaining Long-Term Unemployment to the Interviewer

Long-term unemployment will keep you from landing a new job. Knowing how to tackle this difficult question can quell any of your interviewer’s concerns and, instead, show that you are the right candidate for the position.

How To Have Confidence For Your Job Interview

Sitting across from a hiring manager is scary, but that doesn’t mean that you aren’t going to nail this and win the job you want. With this in mind, let’s take a look at how you can have better confidence for your job interview. 

5 Job Interview Tips for Today’s Job Market

If you haven’t looked for a job in a while, you may be surprised at what you experience once you get a foot in the […]

10 Strange Job Interview Questions and Answers

Have you ever been to an interview and suffered from a ‘deer in the headlights’ scenario when caught completely off guard by the question your interviewer asked you?

Tips to Consider When Going for a Job Interview

Job interviews are one of the most stressful situations. And given the difficulty of scoring an interview, you want to make the right impression as soon as you meet the hiring manager.

9 Tips for Landing a Second Interview

Getting a job interview is an excellent first step and to get there you’ve obviously created a good resume and have spent time speaking with recruiters and submitting your resume.

How To Be Impressive Before, During and After Your Interview

Arguably the only thing more exhausting than working a full time job is the process of trying to land one.  If you’ve been through the process, you know that the job hunt proves to be tiresome and sometimes self-defeating (with just a splash of the overwhelming urge to give up).  We hear your frustrations, and more important, we’re here to share the steps that can help.

How to Ace Your Next Job Interview

Some people might believe that job interviews don’t matter anymore, but they do. It’s important for interviewers to get a sense of how the applicant will behave in a work situation. It’s also essential for applicants to find out more about the company.

4 Ways to Ace Your Job Interview

There many ways to find out specifics about company interviews. While every interviewer will ask different questions, there are some questions and styles that are standard for some companies. Read on.

3 Things You Should Do To Prepare For Your Job Interview

It’s easy to feel like you have the job in the bag because you tick all the right boxes and your cover letter was amazing! However, if you interview poorly, it doesn’t matter how good your application was.

7 Easy Ways to Prepare for Your First Interview – Top Interview Questions

The Top Interview Questions interviewers love to ask are so general that they can seem tricky to answer. The entire process of being interviewed and evaluated is stressful enough, so you don’t want to also be concerned about whether or not you are going to stumble all over your answers to the interview questions. Use these 7 tips to easily prepare yourself and calm your nerves.

Tips to Dress the Part for the Interview

Your appearance is the first thing your prospective employer will notice about you, so you want to strike just the right note.

How To Prepare For a Job Application

It’s a good idea before you submit any job application to go through your resume and see what needs to be added in terms of qualifications or any previous job experience. Keeping your resume all up to date will make the job application process a lot quicker

8 revealing questions to ask at your next interview

You know you are going to be given the opportunity to ask questions at some point during an interview. What I would like to share is a selection of questions that will tell your interviewer about you as well as telling you a about the prospective company.

Guaranteed Ways To Nail Your Next Job Interview

Preparing for an interview can be a nerve-wracking experience. While your appearance is crucial, you should also consider how you present yourself as a person in order to impress your interviewer and possible employer.

How to Prepare for a Remote Interview

Preparing for a job interview can be nerve-wracking in the best of times. Getting ready for a remote interview comes with some unique challenges. Instead of traveling to the office with copies of your resume in hand, you’ll be inviting your interviewers in your home via webcam.

Should I Ask About Benefits During an Interview?

Bringing up salary and/or health care benefits (or benefits of any kind) during a primary interview is like going for a good night kiss at the beginning of a first date; most people generally aren’t receptive to it.

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