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7 Things to Remember Before Your Interview

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UnknownIt is said that successful interviews are eighty percent preparation and twenty percent execution. If you prepare well before the interview and execute well, you are likely to get that call which says ‘Welcome Aboard’.

Here are seven points to remember before you sit for that crucial interview.

1.  Know as much as you can about the company

Prepare. One word never held so much importance. With the internet and social media, it is not difficult to find out about the company you are applying for. Go to the company’s website. Find information on its social media pages. Learn about its projects and recent developments. Know about its operations. The more you know about the company, better prepared and qualified you will be for the interview.

2. Understand the Job Description

If you know about the job responsibilities, you will be more confident with your responses. You can gather information from the job posting; you can even call the HR department, or ask for the job description during the interview call. Having a better understanding of the tasks and responsibilities can definitely give you an edge over other candidates.

3. Prepare for interview questions

Look for the interview questions employers generally ask from candidates. Also, keep in mind the tough questions that can trouble you. Make a list of probable questions. Write down their answers in an organized way, and make sure you find the right words and tone to communicate effectively. You may also get a friend to do a mock interview for you. This will help you figure out what questions can turn be tricky and where you might need some more preparation.

4. Don’t forget to keep some questions for the interviewer

If you don’t have any questions for the interviewer, you may give an impression that you are uninterested or indifferent. Make sure you have some interesting questions prepared. You may ask about the particular position or how it contributes to the company’s goals. If you’ve done ample research, it will be easier for you to come up with questions that the interviewer will appreciate and get you those brownie points.

5. Read your cv thoroughly

Interviewers are likely to ask you questions related to the information they see on your cv. Make sure there are no loose ends. The information you have on your cv should be at your fingertips. Make sure you remember the important details and can substantiate with facts and dates.

6. Plan everything beforehand

Ensure that you are dressed appropriately for the interview. Also plan your journey. Know the location beforehand, so that you won’t be late. Check the time and date of the interview. Arrive at least fifteen minutes before the interview, this will allow you to take out time to settle down. Planning, punctuality, and a professional appearance can give you an extra edge over others.

7. Make it happen

Once you have prepared and planned for the interview day, make sure you execute in an impressive manner. Be well dressed, smile, have a firm handshake, keep your posture straight, and initiate small talk with the interviewer. Also, take a deep breath and relax.  All these little things make a big difference in the end.

Whether you are applying for nursing, paralegal, executive management with a business degree or healthcare degree; these interview tips will be quite handy for you.  Planning, researching, and making efforts in the right direction can lead to your desired goal, whether it’s a degree or a job.

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Good luck in your search.
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