5 Helpful Resume Tips

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Here are a few great resume tips to help you make a great impression so that you’ll get that job interview and the chance to present your skills in greater depth.

How Many Resumes Do You Have?


Sounds like a strange question, but many job hunters have two or more resumes. Why? If you’ve been job hunting for any length of time, then you’ve probably received a call from a headhunter asking for a revised resume with a few “tweaks”

6 Resources for Creating Multiple Resumes

Multiple resumes are the way to go.

Resume Building Advice For A Recent Accounting Course Graduate


The job market at this time is quite competitive, so to find a job, and to actually get hired, you need to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

5 Resources for Job Interview Thank You Letters

Thank You

Thank you letters are another important part of your Marketing Toolkit. The main purpose (besides the obvious thanks) is to ensure that the interviewer knows that, not only are you are a good match for the job, but that you heard everything that was discussed during the interview.

How to Boost the Value of Your Design Resume

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A good resume will not only get you noticed, but it can also get you that job interview or a chance to present your ideas for a project. Before you can get to that stage, however, you need to think about how you can make your resume different from the competition.

How Volunteering Abroad Can Improve Your Resume


Resumes are very difficult to understand and even more difficult to format. You’re required to include educational attainments and achievements, experiences, and skills but you must make sure that everything’s concise and as brief as possible.

10 Things That Can Recharge Your Resume

killer resume

when it comes to actually writing the resume, it’s important for you to ensure that it is tailored to each and every simple job that you are applying to. Never send out a blanket resume. You need to look at the job description, consider what they are asking for, then make sure that your resume is tailored to fit it.

Great Android Apps That Will Help With Your Job Search and Resume


For those of you who use Android-based smartphones, there are tons of excellent job search apps for Android Smartphones, but there are also a bunch of excellent resume-related apps being created as well. Here are some of the best apps for making your resume accessible no matter where you are and allowing you to work on creating the ultimate resume even when you are nowhere near your computer.

How to Add Value to Your Resume With Your MBA


Your resume should make it obvious to an employer why they should hire you. That means you need to have a laser-like focus on what makes you the right candidate.

Breaking the Mould: 5 Tips for Spicing up Your Resume

Spicing up Your Resume

Here are five insightful ways of breaking the traditional mold of plain-Jane resumes – try out these tips and you’ll be more likely to get called in for an interview at your desired employer of choice.

How To Print Your Resume Professionally

resume paper printing

A printed resume is something every job seeker should have on hand, and it is one way to demonstrate your professionalism. Don’t assume that the interviewer will have a copy of your resume (although they should), bring several printed resumes with you (even if you only plan to see one person).

10 Overused Resume Buzzwords

Resume Buzzwords

Writing your resume or your LinkedIn profile is always going to be difficult, but far too many of us are falling prey to cliché buzzwords […]

6 Great iOS Apps for Creating the Perfect Resume

The Perfect Resume

The perfect resume will help you get the job of your dreams. The job search process relies primarily on the Internet and “speed to market”.  The longer you delay submitting your resume, the more likely it is that tens if not hundreds have applied before you. 

5 Tips to Beat the Resume Bots

Beat the Resume Bots

An applicant tracking system (ATS) does more than store resumes and help recruiters track a candidate throughout the hiring process. It also leverages a network of bots to scan, analyze, and rank incoming job applications so that a recruiter or hiring manager doesn’t have to read every single incoming application. In

To Whom It May Concern: 12 Cover Letter Rules You Must Follow

to whom it may concern cover letter

Your cover letter is typically the first thing a recruiter or company HR representative sees. If it is poorly written, it is unlikely that the hiring manager will even look at your resume (so it is important to get this right).

Employability Matters: 5 Things to Avoid When Creating Your Resume

create a resume

You only get one shot to convince your potential employer that you’re the best candidate for the job, so you need to give it all […]

Top 6 Do’s & Don’ts When Creating Your CV

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Spending a lot of time on getting your CV right will ultimately make a major difference to your employability. From Charity Jobs through to new positions after University, or even a short-term contract, a poorly designed and written CV will not improve your chances of getting work.

CV vs Resume: What’s the Difference?

A resume is usually a one page document customizing your job experience and education to stand out above all applicants for a certain job. Keep it concise and customized to the job being sought. Since a resume is a brief document, information does not need to be chronologically arranged and does not have to cover your entire career.

Can a Great Resume Save You From a Bad Interview?

Bad Interview

If you haven’t done your homework and you don’t know anything about the company where you are interviewing, then you shouldn’t be on the interview. You should do extensive research on the company and the interviewer(s) before the interview.

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