5 Reasons Why You Need More Than a Good Resume to Stand Out from the Crowd

You’ve got the interview, but the real work is now convincing the interviewers that, not only are you the right person for the job, but you are so much better than anyone else they may have in mind.

10 Things That Can Recharge Your Resume

when it comes to actually writing the resume, it’s important for you to ensure that it is tailored to each and every simple job that you are applying to. Never send out a blanket resume. You need to look at the job description, consider what they are asking for, then make sure that your resume is tailored to fit it.

6 Great Resume Resources

Using a specific resume format should be driven by the person’s experience, industry, & the type of opportunity they are seeking. There are quite a few resume formats, but the four major basic formats are chronological, functional, combination, or targeted

Six Easy But Impressive Ways to Improve Your Resume

When you’re applying for jobs, you know that you need to stand out. The competition is tough, and normally you’re up against people with very similar qualifications and experience to yours. So, you need something that sets you apart.

The Exact Features Employers Look For In A Resume

Creating the perfect resume isn’t an easy task, not least because it is so daunting. Employers place an enormous amount of value on a resume, so yours has to be on point. The sad thing is that far too many resumes aren’t up to standard.

A Simple Step by Step Guide to Building the Perfect Resume

You’ve probably heard hundreds of times that your resume is the most important document in your job search (because it is). But if you want to stand out from the competition, you need more than a great looking resume. In the end, only qualified candidates will get called for an interview.

Your Job Search Marketing Toolkit – Resume Building

The most important job search document is, of course, your resume. Having the best resume possible will be the key determining factor as to whether or not you will get an interview.  You need to spend the time to get it right.

The Best Resume Does Not Always Mean You Will Get the Job

You’ve probably been told that your resume is the most important document in your job search (and it is). But if you want to stand out from the competition, you need more than a great looking resume. In the end, only qualified candidates will get called for an interview, and only those that know how to interview will get the job.

Great Android Apps That Will Help With Your Job Search and Resume

For those of you who use Android-based smartphones, there are tons of excellent job search apps for Android Smartphones, but there are also a bunch of excellent resume-related apps being created as well. Here are some of the best apps for making your resume accessible no matter where you are and allowing you to work on creating the ultimate resume even when you are nowhere near your computer.

Branding Statement vs. Objective For Your Resume

If you brand it will they come? While it may sound like one big field of dreams, a carefully crafted and customized personal brand will not only convey your value and define your vision it will also offer a unique perspective to prospective hiring managers.

7 Things You Should Stop Putting on Your Resume

To stand out, you need to get a little creative and stop using those clichés recruiters know by heart and probably avoid. Your resume is your first and most important marketing tool and here are some words to stop using for a more competitive resume.

10 Tips for Writing a Great College Student Resume

college student resume

Creating a great resume can be a challenging task for college students and recent college grads.

Digital Strategies To Get Noticed Without Posting Your Resume

Being visible and noticeable online for your expertise can streamline the whole application process. It’s not uncommon for experts to be offered a consulting role within a business.

How To Print Your Resume Professionally

A printed resume is something every job seeker should have on hand, and it is one way to demonstrate your professionalism. Don’t assume that the interviewer will have a copy of your resume (although they should), bring several printed resumes with you (even if you only plan to see one person).

6 Tips for Writing an Effective Resume

When most people complain about not having heard back from a hiring manager they sent their resume to, there’s usually one possibility; the hiring manager isn’t interested in hiring them (and may not want to ruin their mood by telling them).

Write a job-winning resume in 2021

Research shows that creating a highly effective resume should include three main elements: quantitative results, a simple design, and a quirky interests section. 

4 Certifications That Can Enhance Your Resume

If you’re looking for ways to enhance your resume, adding some certifications would help you have an edge over other candidates for specific jobs. In many ways, having certifications prove that you have valuable skills that can be an asset to the company.

You’re Not Basic … So Why the Basic Business Bio?

Every day in America, women business owners are denied access to resources to achieve success. But a growing community of fierce founders are refusing to settle for the status quo.

A Short Guide to Creating a Great Cover Letter

cover letter

Whether you’re experienced in your field or just starting out and applying for internships, always include a well-thought-out covering letter. this is your opportunity to sell yourself to recruiters or employers

5 Resources for Job Interview Thank You Letters

Thank you letters are another important part of your Marketing Toolkit. The main purpose (besides the obvious thanks) is to ensure that the interviewer knows that, not only are you are a good match for the job, but that you heard everything that was discussed during the interview.

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