Create the Perfect Resume: Tips for Making the Right Choices

Craft your perfect resume and land your dream job with our expert tips! Learn how to make the right choices and stand out from the crowd.

9 Tips for Creating a Modern Resume

Writing a great resume is not an easy task and although the overall unemployment rate is down,  competition for the best jobs at the best companies continues to increase.  Hiring managers now have a large pool of talented candidates to choose from.

Building Your Job Search

What can you do to begin your search immediately while continuing to build out your Job Search Tool Kit? Read on.

Your Personal Ad: What to Include in a Resume

The golden rule to writing a killer resume is to know when and how you can break the golden rules. Paradoxically, when you follow all the rules, you actually reduce your chances of success.

Resume Advice for Accounting Graduates

The job market at this time is quite competitive, so to find a job, and to actually get hired, you need to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

How To Print Your Resume Professionally

A printed resume is something every job seeker should have on hand, and it is one way to demonstrate your professionalism. Don’t assume that the interviewer will have a copy of your resume (although they should), bring several printed resumes with you (even if you only plan to see one person).

Can a Great Resume Save You From a Bad Interview?

If you haven’t done your homework and you don’t know anything about the company where you are interviewing, then you shouldn’t be on the interview. You should do extensive research on the company and the interviewer(s) before the interview.

10 Tips for Updating Your Resume

when it comes to actually writing the resume, it’s important for you to ensure that it is tailored to each and every simple job that you are applying to. Never send out a blanket resume. You need to look at the job description, consider what they are asking for, then make sure that your resume is tailored to fit it.

Branding Statements for Your Resume

If you brand it will they come? While it may sound like one big field of dreams, a carefully crafted and customized personal brand will not only convey your value and define your vision it will also offer a unique perspective to prospective hiring managers.

Best Keywords to Use in Your Job Search

Put yourself in the recruiter’s chair for a minute and take a look at how they approach the candidate search process and what you can do to get noticed.

5 Things to Avoid When Creating Your Resume

You only get one shot to convince your potential employer that you’re the best candidate for the job.

Great Android Apps That Will Help With Your Job Search and Resume

For those of you who use Android-based smartphones, there are tons of excellent job search apps for Android Smartphones, but there are also a bunch of excellent resume-related apps being created as well. Here are some of the best apps for making your resume accessible no matter where you are and allowing you to work on creating the ultimate resume even when you are nowhere near your computer.

Best Resume Apps for iPhone and iPad

The perfect resume will help you get the job of your dreams. The job search process relies primarily on the Internet and “speed to market”.  The longer you delay submitting your resume, the more likely it is that tens if not hundreds have applied before you. 

10 Overused Resume Buzzwords

Great Communication SkillsPossibly one of the most pointless points to make in regards to finding a job

5 Tips That Ensure Your Resume Produces Top Results

A professionally written resume is the most important component of any job search. The overall effectiveness of your resume, however, depends on certain variables; such as how/how often the resume is used and the types of marketing/submission strategies.

How to Write a Resume with No Experience

You might wonder how to write a resume if you are currently enrolled in high school or college but have no work experience. Let us tell you now with these expert suggestions.

How to Update Your Resume and Land Your Dream Job

Maximize your job search success with these 10 key tips for updating your resume: Tailor it to the job, use keywords, highlight accomplishments, keep it concise & visually appealing, proofread, and get a second opinion.

7 Things You Shouldn’t Include on Your Resume

Your resume is the first thing a prospective employer will see and in order to sell yourself it should be presented in as concise a manner as possible.

What Not to Include in Your Resume

Most of the focus on resume writing has been about writing your resume.  Not much attention has been given to what not to include on your resume. But are there any inclusions that could cost you an interview?

20 Ways to Fix Resume Fast

Your resume is your first touchpoint with the prospective employer. Therefore, it should clearly describe your work history.

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