Top 7 Helping Tools to Craft an Online Course

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The trend of online courses has increased in recent years. People love to learn all the things from the internet instead of going to the […]

4 Tips to Keep Yourself Focused During a Career Transition

There are many things you can do to stay marketable and keep focused when in a career transition, even if you are still working. Below are few tips to help position yourself for the next job or promotion.

Why You Should Consider a Career Change

Many of those who work in jobs they don’t like do so because they don’t believe they can amount to more. Even those who have a high confidence level can find themselves with low self-esteem in a job they don’t like (or with poor working conditions).

5 Tips to Becoming a Great Business Leader

Being able to stay up to date with the times we live in is crucial to every CEO. Here are some helpful tips to becoming a great business leader.

5 Hot Careers for Criminal Justice Majors

A criminal justice major may bring some lucrative opportunities your way. The nature of the job and circumstances vary greatly with different criminal justice jobs. This variation allows you to select a job that would best fit your aptitude, interest, and personality.

Post 9/11, the focus is increasingly on security, preventing crime, maintaining social control, and rehabilitating offenders. This has led to the opening of several careers for individuals who have majored in criminal justice.

What’s Hot and What’s Not in Employment Agencies

There are definitely certain industries that are seeing great gains in job openings and opportunities. When you know which positions and career paths are hot, you can tailor your education and training to achieve better results.

Time to Move on? Jump Start your Job Search

Don’t dwell on the things you can’t change, focus on what you can change – getting a new job. You can fast track your job search in a number of ways.

Want a Career in Life Sciences? Here are Your Options

As technology advances within the life sciences, more and more jobs become available in this field. There are a variety of options if you want a career in life sciences.

12 Things to Consider Before Accepting a Job Offer

Once you’ve started your job search, you’ve cut the emotional ties and now it’s just a matter of time until you get the right job offer and then you are on your way. A job offer as a result of a proactive job search is, in a way, a little easier than accepting a job offer that is unsolicited. 

Using Social Media for Your Job Search

The development and evolution of the internet has mirrored a significant change in the approach job seekers and graduates take when looking for their first professional full time position.

Are Talent Shortages in the Oil and Gas Industry About to Get Worse?

The oil and gas industry faces considerable challenges, such as enormous costs in capital expenses and a significant slump in the oil and gas markets. However, these are no longer the industry’s major challenges.

Considering a Role Overseas? Here Are Some Top Considerations

Working overseas really can come hand in hand with a whole range of benefits. From increased pay to the general experience of living outside of your native country.

4 Oddball Careers You’ve Never Considered

we’ve compiled a quick guide to four of the wackiest careers out there – give it a read and you might just discover a dream job you never even knew existed. At the very least, you’ll have an answer that’ll shut up even the nosiest of ‘concerned’ neighbors.

Use Your Calendar as a Career Tool

There’s one thing that most professionals, no matter how successful, always seem to struggle with, and that is the need to keep their productivity tools discretely separated if they are going to be effective.

How To Work Your Way Out of a Career Rut

time for change

We all have the odd day when work doesn’t feel great or exciting, or much fun at all. But what if you feel like that about your job every single day, when you feel that what you do is getting you nowhere and doesn’t inspire you at all?

The Benefits of Working in Construction

A career in construction is something that many people see as a last resort—but that’s with good reason.

Food Glorious Food: Ideal Careers For Foodies

For the food-obsessed, choosing a career that allows them to indulge their passion while earning a good wage is always a smart idea

Top 4 High Paying Jobs In Cybersecurity To Eye In 2022

If you’re wondering which cybersecurity jobs offer the highest pay and lucrative perks, scroll down as this post is all about this. To begin with, let’s understand why and how cybersecurity has become such a booming career option. 

3 Alternative Career Tracks Available for Doctors

For most people, doctors may seem to have only one job to do: heal patients. While this might be true for most trained physicians, this isn’t true for each and every one of them.

In fact, there’s more than one way to find work as a doctor. Here are just three of the most notable alternative career tracks in the field of medicine:

What To Do If You’re Not Getting The Overtime You Deserve

There are a number of ways that employers cut wages illegally. To help you better understand what to look for, check out some of the examples below.

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