New Jobs in the Online Gambling Industry

As you might expect, online gambling requires many of the same technology jobs as other online sites but with a heavier focus on security, graphics and game coding skills. Those looking for opportunities in the traditional online gaming field will find similar opportunities in online gambling.

Do You Have What It Takes to Become a Lawyer?

become a lawyer

Not everyone can do every job there is, which is why when you look around society, you might notice that engineers are great at thinking in 3D, accountants like numbers and patterns and writers tend to be a bit more dreamy and creative. What qualities, then, do you need to have to become a lawyer?

5 Personal Branding Resume Techniques for Your Job Search

Personal Branding

There are aspects of your background that make you incredibly unique and highly qualified—and your job is to highlight those aspects so that hiring managers don’t have to guess whether you’re perfect for the job.

Are You Cut Out For A Career In Care?

Promising Medical Careers

Looking for your life’s calling, and not just another job? Then a career in care could be the perfect option for you. But how do you know that you are suited to this line of work? Keep reading to find out.

That One Fatal Moment That Changes All: 5 Essential Workplace Safety Tips to Protect Yourself from Getting Injured


How can you ensure your office and warehouse premises are safe working environments? Follow these five essential workplace safety tips to protect your workforce and your business from workplace injuries.

Preparing For The Difficult Times In Medicine

medical profession

Working in the medical profession can be as difficult as it is rewarding. Taking the time to evaluate one’s work is not something many doctors or nurses will have the opportunity to do due to the busy nature of their roles.

Career Crisis? What Career Crisis

career crisis

A perceived career crisis can take many forms. Worse still, it can leave you feeling bereft of confidence and fearing for your future happiness and financial status. While it’s possible to encounter a variety of problems at work, there’s nothing worse than being without a job.

3 Businesses You Can Start Tomorrow

new businesses

When growing a business is all about making a profit, you can easily approach the idea of starting your own by saving as much as possible. Even if you don’t have much money to save in the first place; these easygoing startup ideas can kick-start you in the right direction without breaking the bank.

Creative Careers For The Creative Types

be creative

Is the music in your head original? Do you act out scenes from your favourite movies? Does the idea of sitting behind a desk fill you with dread? If the answer to these questions is yes, you are a creative person who needs a creative career.

Are You A Kid At Heart? Find The Best Jobs Working With Children

jobs working with childern

Do you get on well with kids? Did you never lose your inner child? It sounds like you might be perfectly suited to go into a career working with children.

Tips for Choosing a Biomedical Engineering Career

Biomedical Engineering

If you have always dreamed of helping people, and/or have had a fascination with how things work, you might want to consider becoming a biomedical engineer.

The Top 4 Reasons Why Online Pharmacist Might be a Career Option for You

Online Pharmacist

As we grow increasingly dependent on our computers and smartphones, one of the major changes in how our society functions is related to how we buy things.

5 Reasons Why You’re A Bad Leader

bad leader

It’s common knowledge that leadership is nothing that you can learn from experience. Instead it’s a happy mixture of creative thinking, setting high personal goals, and dressing for the job you want. But while these can be the key to walk your way up to a management position, they don’t make you good at it. In fact, if you’re guilty of any of these 5 management crimes, it’s fair to say that you’re a bad manager.

Reading the Map: 6 Careers That Let You Show Off Your Topography Skills


Developing the ability to create and decipher these renditions is an important skill to have in many careers, whether you are studying the topography of the Earth, the surface of an asteroid in space or the structure of the human brain.

How Long Should A Cover Letter Be? Tips for Writing a Great Cover Letter

how long should a cover letter be

Job search is a competitive process, and having an awesome cover letter is an important first step in getting an interview.

Planning for Your Job Search – Lesson 1

career plan

There are many reasons to launch a job search: not satisfied with your current job/salary, your company is not doing well or possibly you’ve just been let go.

Boat Mechanics Are In Demand: Here’s How You Can Become One

Boat Mechanics

If you love the water and are seeking a tech-savvy profession in a desirable industry, you should consider becoming a boat mechanic

Unexpected Places You Can Find Your Dream Job

Being in the wrong job is never fun. However, perhaps the most worrying of problems is when you don’t even know what job you want to be in. As time goes on, it might feel like your prospects of finding the career for you is sinking and time is running out. That’s not necessarily true, but it can be an immediate relief when the light-switch finally flicks and the answer is right in front you. We’re going to look at places you might be able to find that answer.

5 Ways To Know If You Should Go Back To School Or Not

Go Back To School

Finding the perfect school to do this is only a matter of research. To find an accredited college, you can simply search your area and will find many to choose from.

The Ins and Outs of Becoming a Doctor

Becoming a Doctor

Doctors are the ones who protect us from all the diseases that are ready and waiting to strike us at at any minute. They’re the ones who help us to stay as alive as we can, for as long as is possible.

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