Hard Work Quotes To Keep You Motivated During Your Job Search

Looking for a job is never easy. Each day you are going to have to face your fears of rejection after you keep submitting your resume and not get the kind of responses you would hope for.

How to ask for a pay rise, in 3 easy steps

well paying jobs

Generally, that means a chance to evaluate how we’re doing in our manager’s opinion, and what we could be doing in order to take the next step up. For some of us, annual reviews are also the opportunity to pose the question we all quietly think about asking: do you think it’s time for a pay raise?

Teaching Hacks You Need To Know

Teaching Hacks

If you are thinking of becoming a teacher or you are new to the world of teaching, you will find that your teaching style takes a long time to find.

The Top-Ranking Manual Careers


You don’t necessarily need a four-year degree to find your dream job. Manual labor can be just as lucrative, with top blue-collar workers earning annual mean wages well above the $50,620 national average.

Career Alternatives: 5 Ideas for Starting Your Own Business

starting a business

Are you tired of the 9 to 5 grind? Maybe your industry or the company you work for are headed for failure. Or maybe you are just tired of working for other people and want to manage your own destiny. Whatever your reasons for thinking about making a drastic change in your career, there are tons of career alternatives that you can consider. The best place to start is to focus on products and services that you know a lot about. There are many things to consider when starting your own business (which we will cover in a future post). First, you need to know what business you are going to start.

Which Healthcare Jobs Are on the Rise in the US?


the experts say that the post-corona world could offer a different perspective on our society. In other words, the role of medical workers in tomorrow’s world could be more appreciated than ever before.

Thinking about Changing Careers? Then Read This Guide

time for change

Some of the benefits of changing your career include being happier and more satisfied. If you want to take that next step, then this guide will help you.

7 Benefits of Starting a New Career as a Truck Driver

trucking career

Becoming a truck driver and pursuing a career in the haulage industry may not be a job option that you have considered in the past. However, it is a job that may be your perfect match if you are ready to try something new.

6 Hot Jobs for Pilots Outside of the Standard Airlines


Fortunately for those looking to keep their options open, and if you have been to flight school, there are plenty of jobs for pilots besides a standard airline contract.

How Long Should A Cover Letter Be? Tips for Writing a Great Cover Letter

how long should a cover letter be

Job search is a competitive process, and having an awesome cover letter is an important first step in getting an interview.

A Simple Step by Step Guide to a Building the Perfect Resume

perfect resume

You’ve probably heard hundreds of times that your resume is the most important document in your job search (because it is). But if you want to stand out from the competition, you need more than a great looking resume. In the end, only qualified candidates will get called for an interview.

8 Reasons To Consider A Career In Tech

Career in Tech

Why consider a career in tech? The list of reasons is growing all the time. Technology is a fast-paced, growing industry – with a lot of opportunities for those within it. A career in technology is becoming more and more desirable, especially when you factor in the success of large tech companies such as Google and Apple.

Bringing Home the Bacon: How Much Do Accountants Really Make?


If you are good with numbers and organization, accounting might be a good choice as a career. The accounting industry is loaded with job opportunities […]

You lost your job. Now what?

You lost your job (the reason doesn’t really matter so much at this point does it). What do you do?

Leveraging Social Media in Your Job Search

Business social network sites allow you to either reconnect or stay connected to current and past friends, college alumni, industry contacts, coworkers and former colleagues.

Easy Steps to Becoming a Medical Scribe


Becoming a medical scribe is a great step towards making your mark in the medical field. Besides, it is a chance to learn how the medical industry works.

Demand For Truckers Could Rise As Driver Hour Limitations Are Removed

truck driver

If you are interested in being a truck driver, now is a good time, as demand is high. Hospitals and supermarkets alike are experiencing a rising need for goods, which need to be delivered by large vehicles.

How to Get Over the Obstacles Stopping You from Going Back to School

Going back to school can be a fantastic way to further your career. It enables you to take the next step in your current career or to make a career switch if you’re thinking about trying something new.

What Types Of Jobs Are In Logistics?


There are numerous managerial jobs in logistics, particularly in the field of procurement, supply chain, and warehouse to name a few. Nevertheless, there is also an avenue for you to become an analyst or consultant. You also can use your superb communication skill being a customer service representative.

6 Time Tracking Apps Freelancers Should Use


Working as a freelancer has huge benefits like flexible hours and the freedom to work without a boss breathing down your neck. That’s why 57 million people in the US are doing it

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