6 Tips for Expanding Your Job Search Network

The “build your network” concept is great, but how do you actually build a network? But networking can be tough, especially if you are not the “social” type

5 Careers in the Entertainment Industry

Working in the Entertainment Industry sounds glamorous, and many times it is. There are many rewarding jobs in Entertainment that play supporting roles, without which the actors and actresses who perform in TV, the Film Industry and Broadway could not perform.

Career Crisis? What Career Crisis

A perceived career crisis can take many forms. Worse still, it can leave you feeling bereft of confidence and fearing for your future happiness and financial status. While it’s possible to encounter a variety of problems at work, there’s nothing worse than being without a job.

What Factors One Should Keep In Mind When Starting An Ecommerce?

Technological innovations paved the way for eCommerce & the process of selling goods & services through online stores powered by the internet. Because of this advancement in technology, more and more people have the opportunity to put up their online shops.

How a Hobby Can Improve Your Chances in the Job Market

Everybody’s life needs a balance between those things that matter. Except for work, social activities and relationships, there is also a time to relax when we just do what we enjoy.

5 Advantages to Hiring a Baby Boomer

Does any generational group corner the market on “the best generation to work with” or “don’t hire from this generation”? I highly doubt it.

How To Dig Yourself Out Of Your Dead-End Job

If you feel like you’re stuck in a dead-end job, then a new career path could be the choice for you.

Unexpected Places You Can Find Your Dream Job

love job dream job

Being in the wrong job is never fun. However, perhaps the most worrying of problems is when you don’t even know what job you want to be in. As time goes on, it might feel like your prospects of finding the career for you is sinking and time is running out.

Get Ahead In Your Career- Learn Something New

Everyone wants to be successful in their lives and careers- it is what many of us spend decades striving for and what many of us feel proud to achieve. If you want to get ahead in your career and make a difference you must be willing to always keep an open mindEveryone wants to be successful in their lives and careers- it is what many of us spend decades striving for and what many of us feel proud to achieve.

Careers in Design – Space Planning

Most Interior Design positions require a bachelor’s degree as well as a concentration in drawing, computer-aided design, and planning coursework. Depending on the location, Interior Designers may be required to be certified or obtain a license.

5 Job Search Tips for College Grads and Entry Level Job Seekers

There’s a long list of things that contribute to your ability to find a job after graduation.  My top 5 follow below.

4 Tips for Boosting Your Confidence for an Interview

One of the most essential things for interviewing well is to go into the interview with as much confidence (but not “arrogance”) as possible. Of course, though, “be confident” is much easier said than done.

5 Career Opportunities for Those Who Love Babies

These careers pay well and are inspiring. You would be surprised how much you can learn from babies (seriously). More than that, these careers are […]

5 Tips for Creating a Professional LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn has become the “go-to” site for recruiters and company HR professionals when looking for new talent. As a result, it’s very important to have an effective LinkedIn bio and it’s critical that you build your professional network.

Five Devastating LinkedIn Profile Errors

Your LinkedIn profile is incredibly important to your career. Your LinkedIn profile is the primary thing other people will see about your professional profile. It is the online world’s equivalent of a first impression, so it should be utilized well.

Top Jobs with a Degree in Public Administration

A degree in Public Administration will prepare you for all sorts of careers across a wide variety of settings. You will be qualified to work as a professional for a range of organizations in the public sector.

Handy Tips For Happiness, Health and Safety at Work

Employers know they’re liable for your health and safety, and have strict rules in place to protect you when you’re at work- however, things can sometimes go wrong.

Alternative Careers for Time-starved People

There’s still time to switch occupations without placing yourself in a financially precarious situation by leaving your current job.

How Understanding Website Hosting Helps Your IT Career

Website hosting is a critical part of the user experience and can affect everything from website speed to security.

What You Need to Know Before Accepting a Work-from-Home Position

Whether you’re looking for a part-time gig or something more permanent, this list has various work-from-home job options to help you land your dream role from home.

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