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Top 5 Medical Careers: Explore Lucrative Opportunities

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Are you looking to start a career in the medical industry? If you are, then you’re not alone. As long as people have a need for healthcare products and services, the industry will always remain a relevant and constantly growing industry. In fact, the healthcare industry remained strong despite the major crisis that happened during the mid-2000s. Add the fact that people in the healthcare careers have some of the fastest-growing careers in the US and it’s not surprising why a lot of people would want to work in the industry.

So you want to be a part of the healthcare industry but you don’t know where to start? Check out the highest-paying medical careers and see if it’s the right path for you.

1. Pharmacist

What do you need? – Complete a Doctor of Pharmacy degree, pass the NA Pharmacist Licensing Exam, Multi-state Pharmacy Jurisprudence Exam, and written and practical exam.

How long does that take? – At least three to four years

Some people consider pharmacists as the “front line” of the healthcare industry. They’re one of the first people that come to mind when someone needs professional advice on how to take prescribed medicine, recommend alternatives that can provide relief for allergies, as well as inform people about potential side effects to watch out for. According to statistics, a typical pharmacist could earn a little over $120,000 per year

“As demand for healthcare grows, the business behind it becomes more complex. Prepare to meet the challenge by developing in-demand skills to help steer modern practices or manage your own business.” –

2. Physician Assistant

What do you need? – Bachelor’s Degree in any health science (Master’s Degree preferred), pass the Physician Assistant National Certifying Exam, state license

How long does that take – At least two years

As a physician assistant, your job would be to perform diagnoses and provide treatment to patients, as well as order certain lab procedures such as X-rays and blood tests. You can also prescribe medications to patients. Most of these tasks are done under the supervision of a doctor or other medical professionals. As a physician assistant, you can expect a salary of around $95,000 per year

3. Gerontology Nurse

What do you need? – Master’s Degree in Nursing, pass board certification in gerontological practice.

How long does it take – At least five years

The aging baby boomer generation has never been this much in need of medical assistance, making a career as a gerontology nurse one of the most lucrative nursing careers in the country. As a gerontology nurse, you can diagnose illnesses and diseases in elderly patients, prescribe the appropriate medication or therapy, order lab tests, and conduct check-ups and screenings to prevent or minimize the effects of common illnesses affecting the elderly.

4. Nurse-Midwife

What do you need? – Master’s Degree in Nursing, pass the national CNA exam

How long does it take? – At least six years

Providing nurse assistance for patients who are pregnant or have recently given birth, a nurse-midwife can diagnose illnesses and conduct physical exams. Depending on where you are working, you may also be allowed to prescribe medications or therapy. The good thing about becoming a nurse-midwife is that completing a CNM program also allows you to be a certified nurse-midwife and an advanced nurse practitioner without having to take extra courses. A typical nurse midwife earns about $95,000 a year.

5. Health Information Manager

What do you need? – Bachelor or Master’s Degree in Health Information Management, certification depends on the employer

How long does it take? – At least one and a half years

There’s no denying that the age of information has played a crucial role in the healthcare industry. Everything ranging from patient information to test results can be accessed online, and it’s up to health information managers to keep all that data safe and accurate. According to Maryville University, “as electronic records are adopted by health systems everywhere, organizations will seek managers with technology expertise who can identify the right tech solutions based on the practice’s individual needs.”
While the mean annual salary is valued to be over $105,000, signs point to health information manager jobs becoming more lucrative careers in the coming years due to the industry’s increasing dependence on information technology

These are just some of the more promising careers in the healthcare industry. Online research will bring you dozens more viable long-term jobs. Now is always an ideal time to start; the sooner you work towards those requirements, the sooner you can get a promising career.

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