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Land Your Dream Teaching Role: 6 Proven Strategies

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Whether you’re a newbie after your first position, a seasoned teacher unhappy in your current one, or a driven individual looking for a new challenge, finding a teaching job can sometimes be difficult. In fact, it can be a major undertaking, often taking months, if not longer. While teaching positions are not in short supply, the competition for teaching jobs can be fierce. To help you succeed in finding your teaching job, here are six surefire ways to help.

1. Leverage Your Social Networks

When you’re on the hunt for a job, it isn’t the time to be shy. Who you know can help put you ahead of the competition. This is only true if your connections know that you’re looking. Everyone from your friends and neighbors to your college professors and classmates can prove to be great resources in your job search, so make sure that you tell them that you’re on the market.

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While “who you know” has always been important, it has never been easier to leverage your network with services like LinkedIn and other social networks. But more importantly, it’s not only who you know, but also who knows you. Successfully leveraging your social networks in job search requires that you focus on those individuals who know firsthand about you and what you’ve accomplished in your career.

2. Make Your HR Rounds

Although online job forums and search sites (such as are useful tools, with so many people applying for open positions each day, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. To avoid this, you should visit company career sites or recruiting departments of schools you would want to work in. Look for job opportunities on their career sites, and, if there are none, submit a resume for the school to keep on file for any future openings.

3. Don’t Discount Substitute Roles

You may be after a permanent position, but that doesn’t mean that you should completely discount substitute roles. Those who have worked in a school in the past are much more likely to be offered a job when one opens up at that school. This is especially true if you’ve connected with the students, parents, and other teachers in the time that you were there.

4. Look On The Net

The internet is a tool that can be used for much more than just job hunting, many people attend online virtual schools. With today’s technology, you can consider online teaching jobs where you actually carry out your role over the net. These tend to offer good pay, as well as the flexibility you simply don’t find with other teaching jobs. This is a perfect option for those that move around a lot or like to spend their time traveling.

5. Attend Education Job Fairs

Contrary to popular belief, job and careers fairs aren’t just for undergrad students. In fact, they can help almost anyone find a job, with those focused on education being a good resource for you. They let you check out active positions, including those in districts you may not have considered, as well as make a good impression and connections with school administrators.

“Be aware of the job opportunities available across a range of schools, and the ways in which you can make yourself more attractive to them; consider independent schools, academies, and free schools, and research your local area to see what’s available. Independent schools, for example, will place more demands on living on campus if at a boarding school, and may also require postgraduate degrees from their prospective candidates.” – How To Get Yourself Hired As A Newly Qualified Teacher

6. Ramp Up Your Education

The teaching job market is a highly competitive one, which is why most do all that they can to stand out from the crowd. For a better shot at landing a great role, you’ll want to do the same. There are a few ways you can go about this, but one of the most effective is improving your education. You can do so by taking extra classes or even completing a course online.

Securing a teaching job can be tough, but, hopefully, with these tips, you find the process a lot easier. 

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