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  1. Computer Coding Careers:

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Careers in computer coding appeal to many tech enthusiasts from a variety of backgrounds. After all, it’s a sector that offers a huge sense of stability and can provide fantastic financial rewards too.

However, coders can work on a spectrum of different projects covering many industries and technologies. If you’re serious about following the right pathway, your first task is to pinpoint the desired destination. Here are 12 options to get your juices flowing.

Computer Coding Careers:

Video Game Developer – Embrace your love of video games by becoming a developer. It’s a multi-billion pound industry, and working for a major publisher will offer a successful and varied career doing something you love. Alternatively, you could learn to code Seattle.

CryptographerWorking as a cryptographer in developing blockchain technology has become one of the fastest-growing careers in the last year.  Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have gained popularity and have helped create new business lines and are even found in online promo codes such as 1xbet promo code.

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Website Coder – Follow a career in coding websites for businesses and entrepreneurs. You could either code individual sites or build a framework that allows users to design their own. Either way, there are options for starting your own company in this field too.

Mobile App Developer – Tap into the world of smartphone technology. Mobile App development is one of the newer solutions for coding enthusiasts. But the growth in popularity of iPhones and Android devices guarantees sustainability on top of enjoyment.

Software coder – Modern computer software can improve medical care along with many other business types. You could make the world better with communication programs aimed at helping people who struggle in this area.

Business Applications – Or look at applications that will be used for internal business matters. These could include accounting systems and various organizational features. Given that those products will need updates over time, it’s a career that offers repeat business from the same job too.

Cybersecurity – Help businesses and homeowners protect their networks. They help ensure their company’s information systems and computer networks are secure by investigating breaches and ensuring the latest antivirus software is installed.

SEO Specialist – Focus on helping businesses market themselves in the increasingly competitive digital playground. Using backend website tools to boost SEO is a great starting point. Alternatively, you could incorporate elements of video marketing and Javascript ads.

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Computer Animation –  Implement coding skills to aid in animation processes. Whether you provide the artwork or simply work on coding the movements, it can be used in many scenarios. These can include presenting ideas to clients and investors, or testing product prototypes.

Linux Coder – Code products designed specifically for Linux operating systems. There are many types of coding languages out there. However, specializing in the more niche operating system opens up doors that many coders ignore. Best of all, it gives you the chance to try different roles within this field.

Computer networking – The future of cloud computing lies in building networks through the Internet of Things (IoT). As businesses increasingly rely on multiple devices to interact via the same networks, this skill is becoming more vital. With a diverse range of challenges to solve, you’ll never get bored in this role.

Application Tester – If designing and building frameworks aren’t your thing, look into testing applications and software. Spotting flaws before release could save the company a lot of hassle and money. If you have the skills to rectify the problems too, you’ll be worth your weight in gold.

Information Sciences teacher – Share your skills by guiding others into successful careers. For many people, teaching students to develop those crucial skills can be the most rewarding thing of all. Given that there will always be a need for coders, there will always be a need for tutors.

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