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4 Job Search Tactics for Medical Professionals

Because of medical advances in technology and the growing elderly population, the healthcare field for Medical Professionals is booming these days. Trained personnel are needed in jobs such as medical assistant, massage therapist, medical transcriptionist and physical therapy assistant. However, getting a foot in the door to these positions does take some effort. Follow these tips, and you’ll be well on your way to a rewarding position in a field you love.


In order to show you are cut out for what can be a sometimes stressful and exhausting field, it’s a good idea to get in some volunteer and hands-on experience before starting your job search. Check with the career center at your school. Sometimes these offices have programs to match students with employers that provide opportunities to obtain practical experience in a medical environment. Future employers appreciate this kind of experience; it shows that you are dedicated and that you are prepared to handle the field. Volunteering is also a great chance to network. You’ll get to know others already working in the field, and you may even be given a recommendation or job lead down the line.

Get Certified

Many jobs in the medical field either require or offer certification. Even if it isn’t a requirement for graduation, completing a certification program is always a good idea. Doing so gives you an automatic edge over those who are not certified. Your school may offer certification in combination with your degree program. If not, there are places you can go to get additional certifications. Check out the nonprofit organization American Medical Technologists, which offers various certifications such as Medical Technologist and Medical Lab Assistant. The Medical Career Association is another group to consider for obtaining certification to set you apart from the crowd. Getting certified demonstrates your knowledge and your dedication to becoming a knowledgeable professional.

Tailor Your Resume

Having a polished resume and cover letter is the key to even making it in the door for an interview. Make sure your resume paints a picture of you as a candidate worth pursuing by including any relevant experience and coursework. Include a brief summary statement at the beginning of your resume that shows your unique skills and attributes for the position. This statement should be tailored to each job for which you apply. Be sure to include specifics such as high GPA, practical work experience or internships obtained. Double check your resume and cover letter for spelling or formatting errors. It’s a good idea to work with the career services department at your school for professional resume assistance tailored specifically to your field.

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Get to Know Employers

Getting hired hinges upon not only your academic knowledge, but also on your knowledge of the field in general and the employer specifically. Learn all you can about the medical field, particularly your specialty area. Be sure you can talk intelligently about the theory involved, particular techniques and advances in the industry. Take time to research the company you are interviewing with. Be ready to let potential employers know what impresses you about how they run their office or the kinds of things they are doing for the community. Also, be prepared to ask specific questions. Employers want to know that you took time to learn about their business and that you want to work for them.

Finding a job in healthcare differs in many ways from other industries. While it’s a growing field, it’s also a competitive one. As a new healthcare professional, you’ll need to demonstrate proficiency in your area of study, an understanding of the growing medical field and the ability to step out of your comfort zone by seeking certification and hands-on experience.

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