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5 Careers For The Computer-Savvy

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Digital skills are becoming more sought after as our lives become increasingly more reliant on computers. If you’ve got a digital talent, here are just a few of the major careers that could be applicable to you.

Web development

The likes of WordPress and Joomla may have made it easier for the average Joe to create a website, however these website builders still have their limitations and those looking for something more professional and personalised will still approach a web development company to fulfill their needs. Website developers may work for a company or create their own. Whilst coding knowledge is necessary, it’s not a purely technical job and may allow many to pursue their creative side. There are plenty of courses in web development and workshops that can help achieve this career.

IT support

If you’re computer savvy and enjoy helping people, IT support may be the job for you. There are various jobs within this niche from your household computer technician to IT consultants that work with businesses. IT support is very much a problem solving job – you are essentially a computer doctor and can have any multitude of problems thrown at you. As with web development, you may be able to work for a company or create your own.

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Digital analytics

This is a rather new area of computing that has become essential for the future. It involves monitoring large amounts of data and using them to make positive business decisions. A marketing company may use analytics to find out the target audience of a client through analysing web traffic. This may allow them to pinpoint where to put ads on the internet. A financial advisor firm may use analytics to look at a company’s spending and profits and pinpoint the best places to make cuts and potentially where to charge more money. Coding can be useful as much of analytics is now about using this data to then create programmes and algorithms than can measure huge amounts of data automatically.

Software development

There are many avenues to go for someone interested in software development. You could help build software for businesses to make their lives easier, create apps for clien or even help create video games. Software development involves a lot of coding knowledge and possibly some form of higher education, however you’re likely to learn on the job and there are many tools out there to make mastering a language easier.

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Computer engineering

If you’ve built your own PC, love robotics or simply have an interest in hardware, finding a job in computer engineering could be the career path for you. Many devices in our homes are now becoming digital, and there are future plans to computerise other aspects of our lives from health monitors to smart traffic lights that react to the traffic conditions. Computer engineering is no easy job to acquire and most companies will want a degree before taking you on. However, there will always be a growing market for it.

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