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Tips and Tricks for Launching Your Career in the Digital Sector

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The global tech market is projected to grow by 4.7% in the next year, reaching a total $3 trillion economy. For many young professionals, the soaring rise in tech markets signals an opportunity to launch a career in digital professions. Contrary to popular belief, many jobs in the tech sector don’t require an advanced computer science degree, but rather, a knowledge of how digital tools can enhance the functions of everyday work for maximum productivity.


digital marketing and Communication

Often, positions in digital marketing stress strong communication skills equally, if not more so, than a sophisticated understanding of technology. Emerging positions in digital marketing and mixed media communication look for talented writers, graphic designers, sales associates, and other professional roles that use technology in innovative ways to disrupt conventional career paths.

Recent studies have actually shown that there’s a labor shortage in content creation and digital marketing: meaning that now is a good time to develop a digital communications specialty on the job market.

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Recent studies have actually shown that there’s a labor shortage in content creation and digital marketing: meaning that now is a good time to develop a digital communications specialty on the job market. Amongst the HR firms planning to hire in the near future, 56% will hire professionals with digital marketing expertise: primarily in the areas of content creation and SEO/SEM methods for marketing.


Coding For The Everyday

Apart from its practical advantages, coding teaches a powerful skillset to young professionals: including collaboration, creativity, attention to detail and resilience. Even if your background isn’t in STEM, learning to code will give you an added advantage for positions in communications and publishing, many of which need their staff to be adept at handling a programming crisis. If you already know how to code in Python or another popular language, you can launch a career or side gig as a coding instructor, giving private lessons to students and professionals who require added tutoring. You can also bolster your CV by equipping yourself with other digital tools and applications, such as InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, and enterprise systems such as Oracle and PeopleSoft.

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New Directions For Tech Careers

Tech careers are ranked among the highest for early retirement,  but that doesn’t mean your career has to end at 40. Many forward-thinking professionals use their early retirement as a chance to launch a start-up or expand into a new industry altogether. Tech graduates can market themselves to fit a wide range of potential careers, including engineering, finance, automation, even accounting, depending on the skills yielded in your position.  Even putting in 3-5 years at a promising tech firm will leave you with stronger opportunities to take your career to a new direction.

“With computers so ubiquitous in today’s world, there is a burgeoning need for people who understand coding, particularly web-related coding. Moreover, more and more jobs–even those outside of IT and computer programming–entail skills related to web development. Whether you’re in a creative field like graphic design or a technical field like finance, programming can be an asset to your employer and enhance your career prospects.” – How Coding Can Improve Your Career Prospects

Globally, many new positions are emerging that seek a blend of traditional skills in the workforce with a sophisticated understanding of tech.  In their free time, young professionals can take advantage of these changes by gaining a deeper understanding of the digital tools relevant to their profession. The digital sector prizes innovation and fresh ideas: meaning that, as an industry, tech is a powerful platform to launch your professional aspirations.

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