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Understanding Employment Testing and Its Importance

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  1. Typical Pre-Employment Tests

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One topic that is not covered too often has to do with Pre-employment testing. Many employers require some type of pre-employment testing or screening prior to hiring. There is a wide range of testing that may take place. The level and quantity of screening depend partially on State and Country regulations.

There are a few things you can do to make this a more productive process (these are covered in more detail later in the article):

  • Study – There are preparation tests you can take in advance if you would like to “study” and improve your chances of scoring well (these are covered below in “How to Prepare“).
  • Research – For many companies, their tests and methodologies are fairly well known. Do some research to see what you can find out about their testing. Also, see if anyone in your network can help.

Typical Pre-Employment Tests

  • Personality Tests – These are assessment tests and are generally a key part of the employment selection process. These tests are popular in Europe and are becoming increasingly more popular in the US, they are used in many countries. “Passing” these tests are key to getting a job offer and are typically designed to
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  • Drug Testing – Most mid to large employers require some type of pre-employment drug and/or alcohol testing.  Again, this is driven by State and government requirements depending on industry and location. Sometimes you are required to give a blood sample and sometimes a urine sample (or both)
  • Job Knowledge or Skills Tests – Employers may require that candidates take one or more skills assessment tests.  These are designed to evaluate your knowledge of the industry or the position. Skills testing is generally used to assess your abilities. There are many types of skills and assessment tests, such as Numerical Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Financial Reasoning, and many more. There are also specific tests for some technical industries such as Engineering and IT.
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You will need to score as high as possible in order to move on to the next round in the hiring process. All testing can be tough depending on how well you do on tests and how prepared you are. Understanding the underlying principles and content of pre-employment boosts the chances that you will score well. Being prepared also has a big positive impact on your outlook and this also increases the likelihood of doing well.

How to Prepare

  • Research – The Internet is a wonderful thing and if you do some research on the companies you are considering in your job LinkedIn network to see if anyone you know works at your target companies or knows someone who works there. Insight into the specific tests will help you prepare.
  • Test Preparation – The more time and effort you can spend preparing for your tests, the better the chance of passing. There are a wide variety of tests out there and it is almost impossible to cover them all. Following are some resources for the most common testing that you can use to help you prepare:
  • aptitude test is used to determine a person’s ability in a particular skill or field of knowledge.
    • Numerical Reasoning Test Practice – A Numerical Reasoning Test is a test to determine number-related skills and abilities. Experience Your Test’s Content in Advance
Numerical Reasoning Test: Information and Preparation

SHL is one of the largest providers of job applicant screening tests in the UK and worldwide. The tests conducted by SHL are perhaps the most important screening stages standing between you and your desired job.

Ace Your Test
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    • Verbal Reasoning Tests – Verbal reasoning tests measure an individual’s verbal reasoning skills and ability. They measure overall cognitive ability.
Practice Verbal Reasoning Tests

Vocabulary assessments test your understanding of the words that are used in your line of work. This is measured through various assessments, such as mixed sentences tests, complete the sentence tests, spelling tests, and more. Grammar tests examine your understanding of English grammar and your ability to recognize good or bad grammar. 

Practice Now
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    • Reasoning Test – Inductive reasoning tests help to assess your ability in identifying a pattern or consistency among sets of objects or verbal data.
Free Deductive reasoning Test
  • Take your free test to now to get important insight into your upcoming challenge
  • Use our expert explanations after each question example to improve your test performance
Take Your Free Test
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Job Test Prep - Prepare for the Hogan Personality Test

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  • Technical Test Prep:
      • Law Firm Related Testing – Law Firm related testing is used in the development and selection of graduates, managers, and leaders; and has been shown to be highly predictive of future job success.
      • Aptitude Tests for Engineering – Aptitude tests help to access individuals’ work-related perceptions, judgment, and reasoning.
      • Financial Reasoning Test Practice – Financial Reasoning tests are designed to assess how effectively people analyze, interpret, and use numerical information in a financial context.

Knowledge is power and knowing what obstacles you might face is half the battle. Prepare, research, and practice.

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