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Land That Interview: 5 Insider Tips to Get Noticed

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Securing your dream job can seem daunting given the current scarcity of positions in various fields and the intense competition for each role. However, a standout résumé or CV can dramatically improve your chances of landing that coveted interview.

A well-crafted résumé brings you a step closer to your dream job, while a flawed one might send you back to square one quicker than you’d expect. But don’t despair. This article is chock-full of expert advice designed to help you revamp your résumé and make a lasting impression.

1. Freshen Up Your Resume

You might, like many others, fall into a common trap when it comes to your CV. You may be using the same résumé that you crafted for your previous job hunt, regardless of whether it was five months or five years ago. Granted, your career and education history might remain the same, but your experiences and skill sets are likely to have evolved over time.

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As well as your information being out of date, the whole ‘feel’ of your résumé could be stuck in the 1990s. If this sounds like you, freshen up your resume by working through each section and rewriting it. As you have progressed through jobs, your skills will have changed, and you’ll have learned new things. Make sure you incorporate this into your résumé to bring it up to date.

2. Tailor the Content

If you’re committing this sin of sending out CVs, you’re not making the most of your résumé in another way. Every job you apply for, every company you reach out to, every employer you target is different. So why are you keeping your résumé the same?

Each job advertisement is littered with keywords that you should be putting in your résumé. You don’t have to rewrite the whole thing each time, just a few sections or minor alterations can often make the difference between making the interview stage or not.

3. Don’t Forget Design

Of course, the content of your résumé is the most important thing that will sell you to an employer. However, you can go a long way towards making sure you stick in their mind by considering the design of your resume.

Remember to use headlines, bullet points, and legible font size – for both screen and print. You can use standard templates, such as those found on your word processing software or online, or you can be creative and design your own. Either way, you can help make a lasting impression by doing something a little different.

4. Proofread

The significance of thorough proofreading can’t be stressed enough. Grammatical and spelling errors in your résumé or cover letter can detract from your professionalism. Dedicate time to meticulously review your cover letter and CV before sending them. If in doubt, enlist a friend or relative to go over them for potential oversights prior to your application.

5. Easy-to-Find Requirements

When I advertised a job online and received an avalanche of responses, I was taken aback by the number of applicants who sent me resumes completely ignoring the criteria I had painstakingly detailed in the ad. Typically, my job ads would outline REQUIRED and PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS. At a minimum, to be considered, an applicant needed to satisfy the required qualifications. The resumes that stood out were those that clearly demonstrated their suitability by highlighting these qualifications either at the top or throughout the resume using bold, underlined, or italicized text. Furthermore, pointing out alignment with the preferred qualifications is beneficial. By meeting both the required and preferred qualifications and showcasing these on your resume, you position yourself as an ideal candidate for the job.

Nailing your résumé is the first step in helping you secure your dream job. If you can make a lasting impression with your cv, the next step is to wow at the interview. Once face-to-face with your employer, it is much easier to sell yourself. By following these tips, you give yourself the best chance of impressing the employer in person.

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