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Keep Applying To Jobs – But Not Getting Any Replies?

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It can be hugely frustrating applying to jobs and getting no replies from employers. Sometimes this can be the result of lazy employers not taking the time to read all the applications they receive, however, in other cases, it could be something you’re doing wrong. To figure out why you’re not getting any responses, you may want to consider some of these possible reasons.

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Employers can’t open your resume

The first common issue to rule out is whether employers can actually access your resume. Unless otherwise specified, it’s always a wise idea to save your resume as a Microsoft Word document. PDFs are also popular, however, some larger companies may not like receiving these if they use resume screening software that can’t read PDFs.

Study the job description and be prepared to convince the interviewer why you are the perfect person for the job. Make sure you understand all aspects (there is nothing worse than not fully knowing the details of the job for which you are being interviewed.

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Your resume could do with being rewritten

Alternatively, the issue could be the content of your resume. It could contain errors, it could contain inappropriate fonts or formatting, it could fail to mention important information or it may just not be interesting enough to read. It could be worth asking a friend or relative to read your resume or even taking it to a careers advisor. A professional resume is crucial to landing that dream job – there are plenty of resources online that can help you to design something snazzy such as templates and guides. Make sure to never lie on your CV – a good employer will do their research before taking you on to confirm that you’re telling the truth.

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You’re ignoring the job ad requirements

Another possible reason as to why you may not be getting any replies could be that you’re ignoring the requirements mentioned in the job ad. Sometimes it is worth applying to jobs that you’re underqualified for, but if you fail to tick multiple boxes, you could be taking too much of a punt.

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Some job ads may ask you to complete a test or survey as well as submitting a resume. Some may even ask you to fill out an entire form that pretty much replicates what is in your cv. As time-consuming and annoying as these extra steps can be, make sure that you take the time to complete them if you really want the job – it could be the reason why employers aren’t responding.

“If you’ve been rejected when you thought you were sure to get an offer, then you need to figure out went wrong and adjust your approach to be more effective and eliminate reasons why you have not been successful” – 5 Reasons Why You Won’t Get a Job Offer

Your social media content is putting employers off

A lot of employers nowadays like to take a nosy look at applicants’ social media accounts. You can tell a lot just from someone’s Facebook profile picture or by the types of things they tweet. Consider whether your social media accounts contain any content that could be putting employers off. This applies to anything that might be searchable on Google – if you’ve got a blog or a YouTube account make sure that this doesn’t contain anything that employers may see as offensive or childish.

Your resume Needs Lots of Work

I’ve lost count of the resumes I’ve received that are useless (and I say this lovingly). Your resume is the most important career document you will ever have. Your resume is what helps you get your foot in the door, gets hiring managers to notice you and ultimately gets you the interview.

You Don’t Have the Right Experience

It’s a waste of time to submit your resume for a position where you are not qualified. There will be many qualified resumes that are submitted and yours will get tossed very quickly if you don’t have relevant experience or skills. If, however, you have the skills and experience but they are not specifically highlighted on your resume, this is a perfect example as to why you should have multiple versions of your resume (see 6 Resources for Creating Multiple Resumes).

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