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3 Essential Digital Skills To Advance Your Career

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Even though they already existed, digital skills became more popular during the height of the pandemic in 2020. Many workplaces already use digital tools to enhance or simplify work, but these skills have become requirements now, with over 91% of businesses supporting digital resourcefulness. In these modern times, having relevant digital knowledge can help you advance your career and set you apart from others. So, if you’re interested in advancing your career, these skills may come to great use.


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Appropriate use of devices and correct application of software

Common digital tools in the workplace include computers, laptops, printers, and scanners, among several others. In recent times, however, biometric verification tools have been introduced to enhance employee management and security. Other tools include cloud storage, collaborative suites, new-generation intranet systems, digital accounting tools, and so on. The idea is to mold traditional jobs to fit into modern systems with the help of digital tools.

The instant transformation and benefits they offer cannot be overlooked. The idea here is to help people improve efficiency while performing regular tasks. This is vital information you need as you advance your career. You will be hurting your career if you expect to keep doing things in the old and mundane way. Modern software gives you a chance to offer better outcomes in your career.

An understanding of ethical data sharing and general use

Over the years, there have been concerns over data use and the loopholes people miss. The objective of ethical data is to ensure that people’s rights and information are not abused and misused. The issue of privacy, informed consent, and other pertinent elements are crucial to ethical data sharing. This is particularly important when you have access to sensitive client information. For example, as a lawyer, you can access and, sometimes, store confidential information about your clients.

Many workplaces already use digital tools to enhance or simplify work, but these skills have become requirements now, with over 91% of businesses supporting digital resourcefulness.Click To Tweet

However, wrongful handling of their data could land you in trouble. An aggrieved client will have the right to sue your firm for negligently handling sensitive data. The nuances here have therefore given rise to specializations in the law as discussed by Wegman Partners. For this reason, professionals are encouraged to polish their skills in online privacy rights, digital copyright, cybercrime, and many more to protect their organizations. As the world of work changes, so does your career, especially in how it impacts others. 

Social media skills

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You don’t have to be a social media manager to have this crucial skill. Believe it or not, social media skills have become critical to career advancement. As an entrepreneur, you need it to build brand awareness and reach a wider market in diverse locations. According to statistics, social media platforms have close to 3 billion active users, making them (social media) crucial to business sustainability.

How does social media advance your career? It helps you build your brand and to market targeted content to the right audience. For example, many professionals use LinkedIn to find jobs, highlight their career achievements, and network with other experts in their field. This is a skill you cannot afford to ignore, especially as the world continues to go digital.

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