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Five Simple Steps To Opening A Coffee Shop

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Every mother who goes on a school run knows the value of heading to a cafe or coffee shop afterward with the other mums to have a chat, enjoy a cup of delicious coffee and get the day started off right. Coffee isn’t just a drink; it’s a time to be social and enjoy each other’s company without the interruption of children and spouses.

Launching your own business and making it successful will be challenging and stressful, but once you’re up and running, you will not regret your decision.

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When you last gathered your mum friends together, you might have considered whether you could open up your own coffee shop. You know what you would want out of one, you know what you’d serve, the atmosphere you’d want to create. However, they are big business and consumers are always looking for a new space for that camaraderie and social time as adults without the interruption of kids. So, let’s take a look at five simple steps that you need to include for your coffee shop business!

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The Idea

Is your coffee shop going to be upmarket and modern or for families instead? Are you hoping to cram in as many people and coffee types on the menu as possible or do you expect to have a bespoke list of coffee drinks to choose from? Do you want to remain old school with the till or do you want quick-service software to embrace a little technology? It’s really all a part of your idea, and you have to think about all this as it will be necessary for your budget.

Work Experience

Are you aware of what it will take to run a coffee shop? Do you know what you need to do behind a counter? Have you ever used a coffee machine beyond your Nespresso at home? These are essential questions that you have to answer, and work experience is going to help you out. Get some work experience in a coffee shop before you commit; just in case the work itself isn’t for you!

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Where you have your coffee shop is so important. You need to be in an ideal area for people to just pop in when they are walking past. You don’t want to be so far out of the way that people think you’re not worth visiting. Think about how many people in the area would like a new coffee shop, and then go from there with your plans.

“Starting your own business – you may have to compromise. You would probably have to look for a mundane job while you prepare for what you really want to do. You could find employment in the same field, which would give you insight, and which might lead to further avenues and better things. At the very least, you will be lifted into positive thoughts and a pathway to follow. And you will have an AIM in life.” – Going It Alone – Starting Your Own Business


Small or big? Your coffee shop can be as big as a giant store, or it can be a bijou little place with comfortable chairs and exclusivity of first come, first seated. You also need to decide on your budget when it comes to the size of your shop, as the budget will dictate to you what you can handle.


You need to follow the local authority rules about food safety and preparation, and if you aren’t ensuring that you are appropriately certified, you are going to fail your health inspections – which is why research is essential! Get cramming up, and you’ll be ready to go!

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