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Dealing with Job Loss

Job loss is not easy to deal with. Whether you knew it was going to happen or you were surprised. My post “I Lost My Job, Now What” covers the stages  (which are similar to losing a loved one) as well as what to do first. And while somewhat of a cliche, it is very much like falling off of a horse. Once you’ve get past the pain, it’s time to get back in the saddle. One more cliche, but there is truth to it – when you are out of work, looking for a new job is your job. It is very easy to do the 100 other things there are to do rather than looking for a job, but you must focus your efforts on the future. In a slightly different order than my post referenced at the beginning of this paragraph, some links to Next Steps.

Suggested Reading: Healing After Job Loss: 100 Practical Ideas (Healing Your Grieving Heart series)

  • Positive Attitude:
    • Check Your Job Search Attitude – You need to keep a positive attitude (yeah, it sucks to be out of work) – it will get you to your goal more quickly. Read about what may be keeping you from getting the job.
    • Your Attitude is Key to Your Job Search – A great article from and worth a read if you are out of work.
    • Most have heard of this book and it is definitely worth a read.  Not only is it a great resource when you are out of work, but can help in your overall life as well. The Power of Positive Thinking.
  • Resumes – You should keep your resume up to date. If you are not looking for a job, you should still review and update your resume every 6 months or so. If you don’t already have a resume, now is the time to create one. If you do have one, time to update.
    • 5 Steps to a Great Resume – Gathering Your Information– This is lesson 1 of  CareerAlley’s free resume writing lesson series (of a 5 lesson series). Start with lesson 1, follow the instructions through lesson 5 and you should have a great resume.
    • Resume Examples – Sometimes it’s easier to see a format and work from there than to start from scratch. These examples are from
    • Knock ’em Dead Resumes: How to Write a Killer Resume That Gets You Job Interviews – Another good resource for resumes with lots of great tips. There is a step by step guide for writing resumes as well as additional information on getting interviews. Once you get “the offer”, there is a good section on negotiating the best offer. The book includes strategies that have been proven to work over time.


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