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Dealing with Job Loss

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job loss is not easy to deal with. Whether you knew it was going to happen or you were surprised. My post “I Lost My Job, Now What” covers the stages  (which are similar to losing a loved one) as well as what to do first. And while somewhat of a cliche, it is very much like falling off of a horse. Once you get past the pain, it’s time to get back in the saddle and start your job search.

One more cliche, but there is truth to it – when you are out of work, looking for a new job is your job. It is very easy to do the 100 other things there are to do rather than looking for a job, but you must focus your efforts on the future. In a slightly different order than my post referenced at the beginning of this paragraph, some links to Next Steps.

Healing After Job Loss: 100 Practical Ideas

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Make a Plan

The first thing you need to do is to make a job search plan of action.  Don’t spend a lot of time on this (15 minutes or less should do it).  You will want to include your list of documents and a “plan of action”.  Take a look at Planning for Your Job Search – Lesson 1. The obvious items include your Killer resume and cover letters. There are other resources you can use, such as Art of the Job Search: A Step-By-Step Guide to Finding a Job You Love.

None of this will help you get a job unless you stick to the plan and “get it done”.  Another great book to help you stay focused (short and easy reading is Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity by David Allen. Worth a read to help you focus on getting things done in your life and, most importantly, your job search.

Positive Attitude

You need to keep a positive attitude (yeah, it sucks to be out of work) – it will get you to your goal more quickly. But even though you may have a great plan of action, a few things that can keep you from getting hired, such as:

  • You are not prepared for your interview

  • Your resume does not make the cut

  • You aren’t leveraging your social network

Take a look at “9 Reasons Why I Won’t Hire You” for the full in-depth article.  Another great book is “The Power of Positive Thinking“.

The Power of Positive Thinking

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You should always keep your resume up to date, even if you are not looking for a job. review and update your resume every 6 months or so. If you don’t already have a resume, now is the time to create one. If you do have one, now’s the time to update your resume.  If you feel comfortable creating or updating your resume, then go for it.  If you need help, there are free resume review sits like TopResume (free resume review).

Other resources for your resume:

TopResume - Free Resume Review

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Cover Letters

Don’t let anyone tell you that you don’t need a cover letter. If you are sending a resume in response to a post or an ad (online or otherwise) you definitely need a cover letter. Take a look at CareerAlley’s Insider’s Guide to Writing a Cover Letter.

No “how-to” article would be complete if there was not at least one reference to our list of cover letter resources (see below).This book has a few good cover letters to help you get started.

More cover letter resources? Take a look at Writing Resumes and Cover Letters For Dummies.

Social Networks

Last, but certainly not least, are social networks. Most would argue that linkedin is much more than a business social network (and it is).  One of the best sites to find a job and, even better, to be found when looking for a job. Take a look at 5 Mistakes to Avoid on Your LinkedIn Profile.


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