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Leverage Your Network: Friends Can Boost Your Job Hunt

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If you’re nearing graduation or have recently graduated, embarking on a job search is likely your next step. Finding entry-level or graduate-level jobs can be challenging, particularly in today’s unpredictable economy. Fortunately, you can ease this process by enlisting the help of a few close friends in your job search efforts.


  • Share Your Resume: Ask friends to review your resume. Their diverse perspectives can offer valuable feedback and suggestions for improvement, making your resume more appealing to potential employers.
  • Job Alerts: Friends in your industry can set up job alerts for you. They might spot opportunities you miss, expanding your reach and increasing your chances of finding the right job.
  • Networking Events: Attend networking events with friends. This can increase your confidence and help you connect with key industry professionals through their networks.
  • Insider Information: Friends in your desired field can provide insider information about companies and job openings, giving you a competitive edge in your applications and interviews.
  • Mock Interviews: Practice interviews with friends to refine your responses and improve your communication skills, boosting your confidence for real interviews.
  • Referrals: A friend’s referral can be powerful. If they’re respected in their company or industry, their recommendation can significantly improve your job prospects.
  • Social Media Sharing: Friends can share your professional profile or job-seeking posts on social media, increasing visibility and potentially reaching employers.
  • Emotional Support: The job search can be stressful. Friends can provide emotional support, keeping you motivated and positive during the process.
  • Industry Insights: Friends in various fields can offer insights into different industries, helping you consider a broader range of job opportunities.
  • Collaborative Searching: Pair up with a friend and also job hunting. Share leads, critique each other’s applications, and support each other through the process.

Benefit from Your Friends’ Skills

Consider the unique skills your friends can offer. If crafting an attention-grabbing cover letter is not your forte, don’t hesitate to seek their assistance. This also applies to your resume. To secure an interview for a college graduate job, your cover letter and resume must captivate the hiring manager. They need to be impeccably written, with a keen focus on detail to spark interest. Leveraging your friends’ strengths can make a significant difference in this crucial stage of job application.

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One great resource on networking is Highly Effective Networking: Meet the Right People and Get a Good Job. This book will help you leverage your network in your job search.

Preparing for Your Interview

Landing an interview with your standout cover letter and resume is just the first step; acing the interview is what clinches the job. To prepare thoroughly, consider conducting mock interviews with your friends’ help. You can find sample questions for entry-level jobs online. As you practice your responses, your friends can provide feedback, helping you fine-tune your answers to highlight your skills, strengths, and experience effectively. Remember, consistent practice is key to interview success!

Nailing the interview is (obviously) key to getting a job offer. Take a look at Knock ’em Dead Job Interview: How to Turn Job Interviews Into Job Offers to get some great ideas and prep for your interview.

Use Linked to Your Advantage

Networking may seem like the last thing you want to do when applying for college graduate jobs, but the truth of the matter is that networking on LinkedIn may connect you with your future job. You may not be connected with anyone in a large corporation, but your friends, or their friends, might be. This gives you access to a number of job openings that you likely would have never come across had you not used LinkedIn to your advantage.

Due to the fact that the competition for entry-level jobs and college graduate jobs is so incredibly fierce, don’t get discouraged if you don’t hear back immediately for an interview or following your interview. The job search process can quickly become overwhelming, but having your friends at your side utilizing both their networking capabilities and talents during this stressful time can ease the tension that you feel. You have worked so hard to reach where you are, so don’t let the little things get the best of you. Success will find you!

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