6 Part-Time Jobs To Earn You Quick Money

Food, rent, electricity, internet and phone bills. It is a wonder anyone has any money left after paying the necessary bills each month. Obviously, it is important to ensure bills get paid on time each month. However, it can often feel as though there is a never ending cycle of having no money to enjoy the fun times in life. Sometimes negotiating your salary can be unsuccessful, and leave you with an added anxiety of needing to find another job. Although considering a second job can sound exhausting, there are plenty of people who are committing to this styling of living to ensure they can fund their luxurious lifestyles. The question remains what the perfect part time job to undertake when you are already tired from all the long hours from your full-time position? We have compiled a list of some of the most popular ways that are sure to earn you extra money for your weekends while ensuring you are not burnt out.


With an overload of receptionist jobs out there, this is the perfect position for you. If you are lucky enough to work from home, or to work out of the traditional hours you may want to consider a reception position during the day. It ensures a lesser workload to keep your mind on your main career choice. If you work 9-5 and are worried you can’t commit to a reception position, think again. With many businesses working extended hours there is a need for after hours receptionists. Additionally, many hotels or restaurants require someone to work on the desk to assist with taking and modifying bookings.


A lot of companies recruit telemarketers to work outside of the traditional hours, whether it be for taking international enquiries or a 24 hour helpline, there are many companies that are looking for people to night shifts. This is an easy job, with many alternatives in the area you choose. Maybe you feel like you would be great at telemarketing sales, or maybe you’re a pro at customer service. Regardless of your skill set, you are sure to find an easy position in this role that will not tire you out for your full time job.


Uber or Lyft have taken off and are quite competitive. One thing they have in common is that they both recruit ordinary people looking for a little bit of extra cash. Most drivers employed by both companies are either students, or there to earn a little bit of extra money to fund their lifestyles. With the beauty of being able to work flexible hours you can elect whether you want to work every night of the week, or maybe even two hours. Some people have even completed trips in their lunch hours.


Blogging done right can earn a lot of extra cash through advertising. Admittedly, most blogs do not earn much money, yet there are plenty of opportunities that allow you to earn a profit from your blog. By ensuring your content is relevant is the first step to ensuring you can earn a profit from writing. Secondly, you need to build an audience. If you do not have relevant content or clicks going to your website, most companies will turn down the opportunity to advertise on your site. Have a think about what you want to write about, and promote yourself well to ensure success in this area.

Web Development

Requires a certain skill set, however once you have acquired these skills you can do this job from anywhere at anytime. With so many jobs available in this industry, and a shortage of people with the right skill set this is a job sure to earn you extra cash. If you do not have the right skills for this position, there are short online courses that offer you Diploma in Web Development to ensure you find the perfect role.

Seasonal jobs

Can range from fruit picking, festivals to seasonal retail and hospitality jobs. Festival work is great for someone who is looking for some extra money whilst working in one of the best summer jobs. Not only do you get the opportunity to see some of the best bands live, you will enjoy get to work in the great outdoors. Fruit picking also provides the opportunity to work in the great outdoors. While retail and hospital are the perfect jobs over the cooler months. Around Christmas time a lot of companies recruit extra staff to ensure they are prepared for the Christmas rush. Whatever season you choose to work in, there are an abundance of jobs for you out there.

Good luck with your job hunt, and remember those extra hours may add up to an extra trip away!

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