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How to Land Truck Driving Jobs with No Experience

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Experience is lagging you behind in the race of career. Right? Yes, it is difficult to stand out with no experience. But, if you have the skills and are ready to work diligently, you will get a successful truck-driving job with little effort.

It is challenging, but due to its scope, it is not impossible. Almost all companies need trucks to load their things like construction companies and many more. Likewise, they need a driver, and if you apply by following the guidelines, you will find one.

From this article, you will get some tips and ways to apply and where to apply. It will help you in landing a job. So let’s walk through them.


  • Obtain a CDL: Start by getting a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). Many companies offer training programs for candidates without experience, which is a crucial first step toward entering the trucking industry.
  • Consider Trucking Schools: Enroll in a reputable trucking school. These schools provide the necessary training and knowledge to pass your CDL exam and often have connections with employers looking to hire new drivers.
  • Look for Apprenticeships: Seek out apprenticeship programs that offer on-the-job training. This is an excellent way to gain experience while earning a wage and learning from seasoned professionals.
  • Apply for Entry-Level Positions: Target entry-level trucking jobs or positions like dock workers that can lead to driving opportunities. These roles can introduce you to the industry and help you build relevant experience.
  • Network: Use networking opportunities within the industry, such as trucking forums, local trucker meetups, and social media groups, to connect with potential employers or get recommendations.
  • Highlight Transferable Skills: When applying, emphasize any transferable skills you have, such as time management, responsibility, and the ability to work independently, which are valuable in trucking.
  • Be Flexible with Opportunities: Be open to various types of trucking jobs, including less desirable routes or schedules. Flexibility can open doors and help you gain the experience needed to progress.
  • Research Companies Offering Training: Some companies offer paid CDL training for new drivers. This can be a great way to get your foot in the door without prior experience.
  • Understand Industry Regulations: Familiarize yourself with trucking regulations and safety standards. Showing knowledge in these areas can make you a more attractive candidate to employers.
  • Use Job Boards and Recruiters: Utilize job boards specialized in trucking and consider working with recruiters who focus on placing new drivers in trucking positions.

Tips for Landing a Job

All native truck drivers should have a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) because it is mandatory. These are a few tips or guidelines that you need to keep in mind while applying.

  • The first step in locating a regional truck driving job near you is to check your driver vehicle module (DVM) for license restrictions. In addition, knowing what type of license you have and what type you need helps you focus on your job search.
  • Each country or even state has separate guidelines for driving licenses and CDL employment.
  • Ensure that you have a clean driving record with no accident history and safety infractions. This is because employers prefer drivers with no past driving incidents.
Experience is lagging you behind in the race of career. Right? Yes, it is difficult to stand out with no experience. But, if you have the skills and are ready to work diligently, you will get a successful truck driving job with little effort.Click To Tweet
  • Establish healthy relationships with area trucking companies and other businesses that daily load and deliver large bundles of goods. This will keep you updated on job opportunities. Moreover, many companies provide training for new truck drivers who have zero experience.

Where to Apply

Here are some ways to get a driving job. If you are a newly licensed truck driver and looking for truck driving jobs, these ways will help you land one.

“If you’re bored with your current job and don’t like the idea of being stuck in the same place for the rest of your career, then it’s time to make a change. Life behind a desk or in a factory can mean that every workday feels the same, so it’s only natural to want to seek out a new challenge. Becoming a truck driver and pursuing a career in the haulage industry may not be a job option that you have considered in the past. However, it is a job that may be your perfect match if you are ready to try something new. “

  • Apply to every company: The most important thing to keep in mind is to apply it wherever you see a space. Moreover, the more companies you apply for, the more likely you will get a driving job.
  • Apply to large carrier companies: Although they may not be your first choice, or you may want to start with smaller companies, trying them out won’t hurt you. This is because large companies such as car shipping companies, have a greater chance of finding a job.
  • Apply to all driving jobs: Experience is the basic thing that right now you are looking for. If you can’t find a truck driving job near you, apply for a car driver job. If you can’t find a truck driver job near you, apply for a car driver job


With a growing population, the demand for the product is increasing, so trucks are loaded and delivered. Of course, it is difficult to get CDL jobs without experience, but demand will not let you disappear in the race. So, it may take time, but by following the instructions, you will get the job.

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