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Hard to believe, but 27 job search boards are just the tip of the iceberg. These are not necessarily the 27 biggest or best, but the list does include the usual suspects. I would be the first to tell you that you should not be using 27 job search boards (less than five is ideal and two or three would be best). This list will help you see what works best for you. I’ve tried to put some order to the list, enjoy.

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  • – The grandfather of all job search engines (no disrespect) and one of the first, Monster once owned the lion’s share of job search. Originally competed with Hotjobs (which Monster now owns and no longer exists as a standalone site).  Monster is still one of the best known in a crowded field. Monster provides many other job search tools in addition to job listings/matches. Includes all of the basic services (upload your resume, create a cover letter, saved searches, etc.).
  • – Also “more than just a search engine”, CareerBuilder has many of the same offerings as Monster.
  • –  Not the same offering as Monster and CareerBuilder, Simplyhired has a simple interface and over 4 million jobs and an excellent search filter, salary estimator and more.
  • – Very simple interface, lots of jobs. Not as many services as Simplyhired.
  • – Not just a place to meet up with your current or former office mates, job search is a big part of linkedin‘s value proposition.  This is the search engine of choice for recruiters and company HR specialists who are looking for new employees.
  • AOL Jobs – AOL is still around (after all of these years). A great resource for all things job search.
  • – Mostly known for Tech jobs (in fact, that is what they lead with), certainly worth a look outside of Tech as well.
  • – Operated by the US Government, definitely worth a look.
  • – Jobs in your area (so they say)

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