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3 Simple Ways To Beat Your Competition In The Job Market

Beat Your Competition
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It doesn’t matter whether you are fresh out of college and looking for your first position or whether you are in the throes of middle management seeking your next leap up the career ladder, there will be a time when you need to compete. Other candidates will also apply for the same roles that you have your heart set on. Why should you be offered the job over them? You may have the same qualifications, similar experiences and equally polished resumes. You need to think outside the box to give you the edge and help any potential new employer see your worth. Take a look at these three simple ways you can beat your competition in the job market.

The key to gaining a well-paid job in today’s competitive marketplace is to have a number of in-demand skills that you excel in and to be able to demonstrate your passion in these areas.

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Just because you achieved an exceptional final grade from your college degree a decade ago doesn’t mean you will automatically be the finest senior leader. Employers don’t tend to look at your examination results from when you were fresh out of college. They are more concerned with your current professional development. You need to exploit all of those many in-house training courses you have attended, the workshops you have led and the postgraduate civil engineering degree you studied online and in your own time while working. Showing this commitment to lifelong learning, continually improving your own skillset and remaining relevant within your chosen industry will see you head and shoulders above your competition when any potential employer is perusing applications.

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“Much like in school, studying a company you’re eyeing will pay off in the end. Trust us! And even if you’re a last-minute crammer (hello, all nighters), every moment of studying will help you in your job search.” –


If you have worked in the same job in the same building for the same employer for the past decade, you have shown great loyalty. For a new potential employer, this could also ring alarm bells of complacency. It pays to try and get a varied and dynamic range of work experiences that enable you to work in different departments, take on different responsibilities and utilize different methodologies. You might even want to see a bit of the world and work internationally. During this time you may be able to learn a new language; always an asset when it comes to your career. Taking the plunge and heading abroad shows bravery, resilience and a willingness to be flexible – all attributes that potential employers love.

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When applying for a new position, don’t fall into the trap of sending the same cover letter or personal statement for each role. Employers can spot generic templates a mile off and, as every position will be different, so should the application. Do your research, show your knowledge of the company you wish to apply for in your application and explain how you will be an asset to the company, not the other way around. Sell yourself but don’t meander down the road of untruths. Draw attention to your experience, your achievements and your positive attributes.

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When you seek out new employment, make sure you maintain a positive attitude towards the job application process. Follow this advice and you will be head and shoulders above your competition and will soon find your dream job.

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