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When you are on the verge of graduation or are looking to start a new career it is important to have some sort of foot in the door or resource to point you in the right direction. Today’s job market is so competitive that knowing who to talk to is just as important as good references, education, and experience. Here are 5 ways to ensure you find the most fruitful career opportunity and don’t get stuck looking for work in all the wrong places.

Today’s job market is so competitive that knowing who to talk to is just as important as good references, education, and experience.

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1. Make Contact With An Established Professional

The best source of information to securing the career you would like to have is a person who already has it. If you are looking for a job graphic design, reach out to successful designers. Those who have both experience and success in the desired career field are the ones you want to look to emulate. Be on the lookout for internship programs and workshops specific to your desired field as they will undoubtedly have some knowledgeable professionals there. Approach them and ask them if they would be willing to chat with you at a convenient time for them. From there you can ask them how they got where they are and what they feel is the best course of action for you.


2. Ask the Professional to Put You in Touch With Their Employer

Kindly ask your contact if they would be willing to put you in touch with their employer(s) and establish a connection you can use to secure a job. Educational institutes offer different courses for similar degrees but it’s the professionals that do the hiring so when it comes to education and training they are generally good to talk to about entry requirements. This also gives you an opportunity to make a good impression. The fact that you are taking the initiative to secure a career before the job interview is always a good sign.

3. Maintain Connections

Establishing a positive connection is only the first step. If you are still in a different job or in school, take some time every week or at the minimum every month to check in with any new projects you have undertaken that might be of interest to the professional or potential employer. This is also good for keeping up with trends of that career and ensuring you will be prepared when the time comes. Be respectful though, don’t constantly hound them with calls or emails if things are busy. Just do enough to make sure they keep you high on their list of employee candidates.


4. Consult Other Parties to Keep Your Options Open

While it is good to keep in touch with potential future employers, it is also important to keep your options open. Consult with professionals from a variety of companies rather than just the one where you might have a contact and see if you can’t find something more suitable for you. It is good to obtain knowledge for experienced professionals but it’s essential to find the work location, benefits, and room for career growth are most to your liking. Location can be especially important if you have a family and want to find something close to home or something that will be better for them too.

5. Keep Parents and Loved Ones in the Loop

The most trustworthy people you can have in your life most often are your family members. They want you to succeed and will do anything they can to help you. Tap into them for knowledge and use their connections to find fruitful opportunities as well.

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Finding a career in today’s world is as hard as it has ever been. It is essential to not only get the education and training required but also to take initiative and put yourself out there early. Many people end up working in jobs or careers completely unrelated to their passion because they did not know how to make contact and establish a positive relationship with someone established in their career field. Take advantage of whatever resources you can. If you lack resources or contacts on your desired career field don’t be afraid to approach those established in them. Just be respectful, be punctual, and most of all are willing to take advice.

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