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Resigned to “Pursue Other Interests”

We’ve all seen that phrase “resigned to pursue other interests” when someone no longer works at an organization. Sometimes it happens where we work or we read about it in the business section of the newspaper. So what does it mean? “Fired” comes to mind. It reminds me of something that happened very early in my career. One of the senior executives that worked for my company read in the business section of the newspaper (on the way to work one day) that he had “resigned to pursue other interests”. This was, unfortunately, news to him. Imagine finding out you lost your job by reading that in a newspaper? Yikes! That is heart attack material.

But you know what, it can happen to the best of us. I would venture to guess that most people that fall into the “pursuing other interests” category probably find out from their boss and negotiate an exit package. So what happens next? Getting down to the business of pursuing other interests.

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  • – This is a website that is dedicated to those that lose their jobs. The top left-hand side of the main page has links for “What to Do”, “Career Doctor”, “Resources by State” and more. Below this are four boxes with links to Getting Help, Exploring Opportunities, Taking Steps and Landing a Job. There are featured articles on related topics as well as other related links.

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