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How to Find a Recruiter

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Once you’ve made your decision to get a new job, finding a Recruiter and starting the job search process can be somewhat overwhelming. Updating your resume and your LinkedIn profile are, of course, your first tasks. Once you are ready to actually start your search, you need to have a plan. While it is possible to find a job on your own, leveraging your network and tools such as,  you need to use as many resources as possible and adding one or more recruiters to your team may help you achieve your goal more quickly.

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So why do you need a Recruiter? Finding a great job is not only about who you know, but who others know as well. Most recruiters have been in the business for years. They have connections with companies where they’ve successfully placed people as well as good connections with the people they’ve placed. While recruiters don’t have all of the jobs that are available, they do have a significant chunk (and occasionally these jobs are not posted elsewhere). Your Recruiter acts as your agent, they will represent you and will help get you into the right companies as well as help get you interviews for the right job.

It takes more than simply creating a linkedin profile to catch the attention of recruiters during online job searches.

Recruiters are really good at selling you as a candidate. Are you the only candidate they are sending to job opportunities? The answer is a big NO, but once your resume is submitted it is really up to your experience, background and the quality of your resume that will determine whether or not you get the interview.

It is really up to your experience, background and the quality of your resume that will determine whether or not you get the interview.

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Finding a Recruiter is not difficult.  Finding a recruiter that is a good match for your experience and industry may take a bit of work but is well worth the effort.

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Some tips to consider:

Pick a Recruiter in your Industry

Do your research and pick a recruiter who covers your industry or job speciality.

Know the Recruiter's Terms

Generally speaking, job seekers do not pay recruiters,
the hiring firm pays the recruiter fees. Be skeptical about recruiters who want a fee from you.

More is Better

There is no reason why you should be "exclusive" with a recruiter. There is nothing wrong with leveraging two or three recruiters.

Demand the Right of Refusal

Ensure that your recruiter gets your permission prior to sending your resume to a potential employer.

Be Thoughtful in Your Search

Don't feel pressured by the recruiter to accept a role (or interview) that does not interest you.

Resources for Finding a Recruiter:

There are many resources for finding recruiters, and most are free. As mentioned above, do your homework on recruiters prior to contacting them.  Some of the best sources for finding a Recruiter are:

Online Recruiters Directory – This is a great resource for finding a Recruiter. Click “I am a Job Seeker” from the click-box at the top of the page, this will take you directly to the Recruiter’s search box. Three steps – select your category (industry), job type (temp, perm, etc.) and state. Click “search recruiters” and you have your list with all of the contact information you need. You can also click the links on the right-hand side of the page under “I am a Job Seeker”.

Headhuntersdirectory – This site provides an online list of headhunters and recruiters that is free to use. The main page leads with an overview of the site and a regional selection page. Select your region to continue. For the US link, the next page lists all of the states down the left-hand side of the page and a graphical map view where you can select your state. Clicking your state leads to a city listing to further refine your search. Clicking on a city leads to a list of recruiters where you can click on their website link to find out more about the firms, how to apply for jobs and additional resources.

TheRecruiterNetwork – This website provides a listing of recruiters and allows posting your profile so that they can find you. The right-hand side of the page has a list of featured recruiters. Click on Job Seekers from the top of the page to link to the sign-on page. Create a free profile that will be used as a way for these firms to find you. Use the featured Recruiter list to look at individual recruiters.

Findarecruiter – The title is self-explanatory and their tag line “Find Recruiters • Headhunters • Executive search Consultants • Employment Agencies • Staffing Firms • search Professionals” supports the name of the site. The main page has featured recruiters on the left (click on any of these to be taken to their website). The right-hand side of the page has a search engine where you enter your criteria to find a recruiting professional. Once the engine returns a list, you can view the available jobs for those recruiters. The left-hand side of the page now displays Partner Recruiters (where you can also click to link).

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