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LinkedIn Profile Tips – How to Create a Winning LinkedIn Profile

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In the digital era, the future of your professional development and career largely depends on your activity on social networks, including professional platforms. LinkedIn is one of the top global employment networks, so in no case should you neglect LinkedIn for your career and employment opportunities. 

For you to increase your chances of landing your dream job offer, we prepared some tips on what your page should look like so that you get the attention of a potential employer. 

Why is LinkedIn so important?

According to the US Human Resource Management Association, LinkedIn is used to search and screen applicants in almost all sectors of the economy. More than 90% of recruiters and company representatives resort to this platform when covering vacancies. This means that your page cannot be just a repository of working contacts. It should provide a lively and relevant view of your professional activities, skills, and achievements. 

Your goal is to attract the attention of a potential employer and create the desired image in his eyes. Here are some tips to help you with this. Donna Serdula, the owner of, recalls: “People need to know who you are and what you do. You need to control your online reputation.” So how to create the perfect page on LinkedIn? Is the summary section of the greatest importance?  

Just having a LinkedIn account won’t help if you’ve not fully developed your profile. While your resume should be the major source for your LinkedIn profile content, it should not be just a “cut and paste” of your resume.

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What data should be in your profile? What info should not be covered? 

According to LinkedIn expert Blair Desembrel, there are several things that any person should write on their page:

  • Do not skip the education block – users who indicate education in the questionnaire appear in search results up to 17 times more often than those who do not. 
  • Another important detail is your geographic location – filling in this item can increase your visibility in search up to 23 times. 
  • Be sure to upload the relevant photo – according to Dehembrell, pages with photos receive up to 21 times more views and up to 36 times more messages. 
  • Do not skip a short description field – it’s worth briefly presenting your skills, and telling about your motivation and interests. However, this part shouldn’t be too long even if your work experience is rich, and you have more than one accomplishment to share.
  • Job search specs are also important – If you are actively looking for a new workplace, the new job description should be used to attract the attention of recruiters. There are millions of profiles with the heading “Marketing Director;” thus, a page with the header “Medical Internet Marketing Wizard” has more chances to attract additional attention. 

All in all, the more information you provide on your page, the better. Thus, it will be easier for your potential employer to assess your experience and relevance for a particular position. 

How to use the platform effectively?

Since LinkedIn is a social network, so be social there. And if you use it correctly, it can become a powerful tool for establishing contacts. To make this happen, you need to not only add all the people you meet to your contacts but also actively interact with them, like and comment on their posts and make reposts. 

According to Serdula, it’s quite normal to add a person you do not know to your “friends,” but when sending the invitation, write something meaningful and special in your “friendship request.”

Personal notes are important 

A good LinkedIn profile is not limited to listing professional skills; it is also important that you demonstrate your personal attitude, even if you skip the grade in college. So just copying a resume and posting it on LinkedIn is a mistake. According to Serdula, there are some effective approaches to how to employ personal notes the best:

  • As a rule, first-person referral works best for all types of the page – “I am a PR specialist trusted by the largest companies in Silicon Valley.” 
  • If you are engaged in sales or marketing, it might be better to use a second person – “If you want to change your business, visit my website.”
  • For a top manager, it might be more appropriate to have a third-person message – “John Smith is an author with many awards and professional achievements.”

Take a minute and think about your target audience. Who is it? Potential employer? New customers? Depending on the answer, select the appropriate tone of your writing, but do not let your text be too formal and emotion-free.

right experience

Your working experience highly matters!

It is worth making sure that the presented work experience is relevant and appropriate for your chosen career. If you were a volunteer on a certain project and acquired skills useful for the chosen direction, it’s worth specifying in your LinkedIn profile. However, you should not mention the work as a waiter during the student years, of course, if it is not the only work experience you have. Desemberl argues: “The main thing is relevance. Add experience relevant to your future professional achievements.” So if you have high grades in college, share this information if it is applicable.

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Pay attention to the tone of your profile

Your LinkedIn profile must be lively. In order to stand out among others, you need to write more about your professional activities. These can be published articles, completed projects, speeches at conferences, etc. Find what you are proud of and create an attractive description, include photos or videos if you have any. 

According to Serdula, the idea is to engage the audience in the real interaction: “A good page encourages a person to act – he should want to take the phone and call you, follow the link, read the article.”

How to work with the search function?

According to Desemberl, there are more than 11 million active vacancies on Linkedin. To match the big part of them, see what skills are listed in the job descriptions you are interested in and edit your Recruiter to find you easily.

Let’s create a 100% effective page together! If you are not a talented writer and have no experience in using LinkedIn, it is not a reason to refuse from using this network for job search. Instead, hire professional writers from to develop a winning profile for you. No matter how much experience you have and how ambitious your ambitions are, we do know what to focus on so that you land an interview invitation or even a job offer.

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