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3 Ways to Find a Job that Makes You Happy

job that makes you happy

Unless your wealthy family provides you with a small private income or you’ve been born into royalty, the chances are that you’ll have to find a job and earn a living.

And whether you’re happy or miserable at work is effectively a coin toss — more than half of British workers would rather be in a different career.

But by viewing employment a little differently, you might have a better chance of achieving job satisfaction — with a little introspection, you’ll find the perfect employment formula.

With that in mind, here are three ways to find a job that makes you happy.

1. Dream big

Rather than thinking of a job role, title or organization first, decide what you want to do that would really make a difference in the world.

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By dreaming big, you can then work backwards to find a job that would help you contribute to a cause you’re passionate about.

This method might uncover revelations — you may have thought that being a solicitor would be boring, but if you were defending human rights, a legal career might suddenly seem worthwhile.

“It’s possible that you could be good at anything if you tried hard enough—but shouldn’t your strengths be indicative of what you should be doing?” – Skillcrush

The beauty of finding a fulfilling job is that its inherent sense of purpose propels you through difficult days.

2. Upskill

Lots of graduates change their minds about their chosen career path by the time they’re approaching graduation — but too many carry on regardless into careers they grow to hate.

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Reassessing your options isn’t a weakness, but a sign of maturity. So if you’ve decided to ditch your liberal arts career to become a businessperson, upskill with a postgraduate degree like an MBA.

And studying online can help you earn some cash while you make the transition — the advantage of distance learning is that you earn a vocational qualification by studying when it suits your lifestyle.

Upskilling can put you back on track in a job you love a couple of years after finishing your first degree — occupying a better position than many of your peers.

3. Life-work balance

If you’ve got a partner and family, you might want to redefine your idea of a perfect job.

Highly-paid corporate jobs tend to place heavy demands on your time and energy — so you might end up with a healthy bank balance but poor physical and mental health.

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But finding a company that allows you to work from home might change your outlook completely — the wonderful thing about working from home is that it makes you happier and more productive, so it’s a win-win for you and your employer.

You might make less money, although that’s not a given — you’ll spend less time commuting and more time with the people you care about. What’s not to love?

Follow these three ways to find a job that makes you happy and you’ll either find your true calling, or a manageable job that you can comfortably compartmentalize as merely one part of a well-rounded life.

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