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11 Reasons You Won’t Get Hired at a Career Fair

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Job fairs can be overwhelming. All of your competition in one room, everyone trying to be at “their best” and potential employers have their pick of the lot. That being said, there are many people who just don’t get it (or the job). There are many reasons why you may not get the job, make sure that one of the reasons listed below is not one of them.

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If you don’t want to be hired by attending a career fair:

  • Bring your child/children or younger sibling (no matter how young, old, cute, well behaved, calm, mature, etc.).  No one, not the children, you, other attendees, or employers will benefit.
  • Bring your dog… Everyone can hear it barking from the car in the parking lot, including you!  It’s never a good idea to leave your dog alone in the car anyway.
  • Bring your mother –  she can hold your place in line and tell the hiring managers why you are the best (aren’t you?).
  • Bring your smartphone, keep the ringer on and check your text messages while speaking with one of the hiring managers.
  • Ask about the benefits and raises.  Everyone wants them – this can be discussed closer to the job offer.
  • For women, wear knee-high stockings with a skirt, even a long one – the split is above the stocking line and clearly visible from behind, in case you wondered.
  • For men, wear a dress shirt with the buttons open to mid-chest, no undershirt and let your chest hairs show.  Or better yet, wear a tee-shirt underneath with the name of your favorite rock band showing.
  • Tell a recruiter/potential employer that you don’t want to “waste” a resume on them – bring enough to waste on every employer there and then some (you don’t know from where your next job offer will come yet).
  • Wear jeans, shorts, a t-shirt, muscle shirt or ill-fitting, or bad looking clothing (ask someone whose opinion you care about how you look – they will tell you).
  • Wear the pink sunglasses to match with your capris that have a large embroidered pink flower on the leg.  This is good advice on any day.
  • Wear perfume or smoke what smells like an entire pack of cigarettes before attending.  Many people are allergic to perfumes and no one likes the smell of stale cigarette smoke.

In case you were wondering:  I hope this clears things up!

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