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How Volunteering Abroad Can Improve Your Resume

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Resumes are very difficult to understand and even more difficult to format. You’re required to include educational attainments and achievements, experiences, and skills but you must make sure that everything’s concise and as brief as possible.

It’s contradicting nature is what makes creating a resume very taxing. The numerous tips on how to create a resume that ‘speaks for your skills’ and ‘guarantees an interview’ has the tendency to make everything even more complex.

There’s always something that you can take on board, something that can help you to grow, and something that will get you that yes next time.

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What’s more strenuous is when you don’t have the experiences to add. New graduates are often frustrated because of this predicament. Internship stints may not be enough to pass the standards of a well-established corporation. And if that’s what you’re aiming for, the rejection can be a huge blow to your morale and motivation.

“Volunteering can help you demonstrate and build skills that can help you land a new job or advance at your current company. It can also show you’re a go-getter who takes initiative to keep busy and make yourself useful. This week’s news roundup brings you articles that discuss research and expert insights on the career benefits of volunteering.” –

Millennials are often disheartened by the fact that most companies and corporations will require several years of experience from applicants who just graduated. It’s impossible to attain this unless you worked for a day job while studying or you have a background with volunteering. Between these two options, volunteering is the better option.

Experts will often recommend international volunteering works for people who wish to make their resume look better and gain real-world work experience. You may be wondering how volunteering abroad can improve your resume. Here are the several points on how this can be highly beneficial.

It’s a clear path to job offers

If you’ve been given the opportunity to work with a widely-established organization, you’re also given the chance to show your skills so they can decide if you’re an asset to the mission or not. When volunteers perform well, they’re usually given a full-time position with the organization.

Volunteering is a necessary tool in the corporate world

The biggest corporations in the world are also highly concerned about giving back to the community. They have an entire department solely dedicated to philanthropic works and projects. Because of this, your volunteering stint is just as valuable as the actual job experiences. And if you apply in companies which are big in doing charities, it easily puts you on the same page as them in terms of your goals.


It showcases your best qualities

Volunteering is a noble act in itself. It shows that a person is willing to make time for activities that are designed to help people and communities who are in need. They also spend their effort in making projects a reality. If it shows you have these experiences, it easily means you also believe in such projects.

Volunteering showcases the best aspects of what it means to be human since you’re doing it without expecting anything in return. This type of activity requires utmost generosity and dedication.

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It introduces your dedication

Volunteer work is never easy. You’re often sent on missions to areas which are currently developing. Their communities may not be as developed and as advanced when compared to where you’re from. It usually takes serious adjustment before you could adapt.

When you’re heart is not in it, the results easily show. So being able to complete several missions is already saying a lot about your character.

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