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Creating A Video Resume – Job Search in the Digital Age

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Did you know that job recruiters only spend six seconds looking at a resume? That’s not a lot of time to prove your worth to an employer. To stand out from the crowd, many job seekers are submitting video resumes to complement or replace the traditional paper version.

Considering how difficult it is to find a job these days, video resumes are a great way to stand out in the crowd and jump to the top of the list for a Recruiter who goes through thousands of paper applications each day. Keep the following suggestions in mind if you want to create the ideal video resume.

Why you should create a video resume

With a video resume, it is easier for candidates to present themselves to prospective employers. Moreover, it also helps employers to assess the skills and experience of a candidate that would have been presented in a traditional resume.

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1. Visual Resumes Showcase Your Personality

A personal video can be a powerful tool that can help present your personality in 3 or so minutes of footage. If you are good at expressing yourself, then a video resume is a great option. Creating a video of your profile with positive body language will help potential employers feel engaged. This gives you an edge over other applicants who either cannot express themselves or only use a traditional resume.

To stand out from the crowd, many job seekers are submitting video resumes to complement or replace the traditional paper version.Click To Tweet

2. If You Are Photogenic, this is a Great Option

If you think you photograph well, then a video resume is a plus. Employers prefer candidates who are confident and have pleasant personalities. Using a video resume will help you capture the attention of an employer and (hopefully) land an in-person job interview.

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3. Reflects Your Enthusiasm

A video resume helps you express your enthusiasm more effectively than a paper resume. It can easily express your interest in seeing new opportunities as well as your career aspirations. With a video resume, you can display your enthusiasm in your body language, and that will help convince hiring managers that you are serious about the job.

4. Creates A Perfect First Impression

When it comes to creating a good impression, a video resume can help provide more control over what you would like the hiring manager to focus on. Unlike a face-to-face interview, you are free to present yourself in a way that highlights your interpersonal and communication skills.

Before we go on, let’s check out an example of a video resume.

5. Sells Your Skills

If you are familiar with the 30-second elevator speech, then you know that a video resume can help you pitch your best skills and experience. A video resume gives you the flexibility to demonstrate your technical skills in both a verbal and a non-verbal manner. You can demonstrate your sales skills, speak to accomplishments and give a demonstration of the “best you.”

6. Shows Your Sense Of Technology

A video resume reflects that you are a technologically savvy person, who has a knack for current trends. Employers give preferences to candidates who understand, embrace, and are aware of leading-edge practices in technology. This is more challenging to portray via a paper resume.

7. Simple And Easy To Do

Creating a video resume does not require a team of people. It is a simple and hassle-free process. There are quite a few choices in video editing tools that can help you create your resume the way you want.

8. Video Resumes are Unique

Video resumes are unique and will certainly get the attention of hiring managers. If you want to stand out from the crowd (and you do), video resumes are the way to go. You have the advantage of creating a perfect video, and you will have the undivided attention of potential employers.

Employers look for candidates who have a sense of humor, are personable have good speaking skills and know what they want. Keep it concise and focus on your skills and create your best first impression.

How to create a video resume

1. Dress the Part

If you want to be taken seriously by the Recruiter, you need to follow the same advice as if you were going to an interview and dress for the job you want. Never submit a video resume of yourself in gym clothes, a revealing outfit, or anything that doesn’t scream “professional.”

That usually means a suit and tie for men and something along the same lines for women. You can incorporate your style into your interview attire, but make sure that it’s appropriate and composed.

2. Stage the Scene

Pay attention to the background when you are filming your video resume. This is something that many people don’t think about until it’s too late. You could be dressed to impress, but it won’t matter if the Recruiter can see a messy bed and dirty laundry behind you. Before you begin recording, find a nice spot that is clean and modern as a backdrop. Any organized office or even a clean dining room table with few distractions should do the trick.

It’s not necessary to have your video resume produced by a professional film crew but make sure that you have a quality video to show. Remember that you only have six seconds to catch the eye of the Recruiter. If he or she can barely see your face or hear what you’re saying, you’ve already blown your chance of landing that job. Strategic lighting and clear audio are both necessary components of a good video resume.

3. Keep it Short and Sweet

Plan out what you’re going to say during the video because you only have so much time to do so. You want to avoid rambling on and saying too much. A useful video resume is concise and to the point. It should take no longer than two minutes for you to convince the Recruiter that you’re the right person for the job.

4. Don’t Just Read Your Resume

Never recite your resume from a piece of paper during a video resume because that’s boring. The point of doing one is to make a sales pitch by being exciting and unique. Show off your personality through your words and unique perspective. The Recruiter can relate and connect with you better in 60 seconds with a video interview than by taking ten minutes to review your cover letter, resume, and entire professional portfolio.

5. Promote Your resume

As you’ve no doubt discovered, having an Internet connection is vital when looking for a job, especially when using video and social media to set yourself apart from the crowd. No matter where you live in the U.S., there are DSL providers that can help make sure you have a reliable connection.

You can upload your video resume to YouTube and link to it either in your resume or cover letter emails. YouTube does not accept all video formats, but you can always use online video conversion here. There are also career networking sites like CareerBuilder and Jobster that offer profile fields where you can upload a video directly. Wherever you choose to host your video, make sure to include a link to it on your LinkedIn profile and anywhere else you have a dedicated job search profile.


While many employers don’t require video resumes, they are a great way to advertise yourself. Remember that the selection process isn’t necessarily an objective one. Recruiters don’t always choose the best candidates for the job–they usually choose the ones that they like most. Do your best to leave a lasting impression during a video resume if you want to join the workforce.

A video resume is a developing trend that job seekers pursue to stand out among others. A video resume gives a more precise representation of your personality or attitude than the conventional hard-copy resume. Video resumes can be easily uploaded online with a variety of tools, including YouTube, resume highlights your personality for hiring managers.

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