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Resumes, Cover Letters and Interviews, Oh My!

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A word to the wise ain’t necessary, it’s the stupid ones who need the advice.” – Bill Cosby

Sometimes we are so focused on the details that we forget about the basics. You know, Resumes, Cover Letter and Interviews (and you won’t get to the third if you don’t get the first two right). But the most important tool in your Job Search Marketing Toolkit is of course your Resume. If you don’t have a great resume you will not get a second look. Imagine you are a hiring manager and you post a job on one of the Job Search Boards. Before you know it you are getting tons of resumes. You remain diligent reading through the first twenty or so, but now you realize that if you read every resume it will take you days to get through them all. So you know what comes next, you start ruling out resumes that “don’t make the cut”. Spelling and grammatical errors are the first to go, but you don’t stop there. Before you know it you are ruling out resumes if you don’t like the font (okay, maybe I’m exaggerating). But, no joking, I do remember the time that someone gave me a copy of a handwritten resume. Not only was it handwritten, but I didn’t even get the original. Okay,  you get the picture. Your resume is you key to the job search kingdom.

  • JobStar Resumes – JobStar – “Job Search Guide from your local public library” (according to the website), their resume page has great resources – Resume Samples, Resume Resources from the Web, Cover letters and more. The right hand side of the page has resume types (chrono, functional, etc.) as well as links to resume tips and electronic resume banks. A great place to start for your resume research.
  • Employment Empire – Great new website where you can create a visual resume (and if you don’t know what this is, try the link to the left). Center page – “Just Imagine Your Resume, Only Better!”. On this site, you can build and manage your visual resume. There is a great introduction to what you can do (center page) on this site and it is a must read. Top of the page – Links for My Portfolio, Members, Groups, Photos, Forum, Videos and Blog. Sign up is located on the upper right hand of the page. Don’t forget Career Builders on the right hand side of the page. Get your visual resume started today.
  • Resume Writing, Sample Resumes, Resume Builders – No career topic would be complete without a visit to Excellent site with tons of resources. Front and center links to – Resume Builders, resume tips, sample resumes, video resumes and more. Below this is links to a Resume Guide and Resume Samples. Not enough? Further down the page are additional links to related resources, including formats, objectives, types, explaining gaps on our resume and so much more.
  • Job Search Marketing Toolkit – Building Your Resume – Don’t forget to take a look at CareerAlley’s Job Search Marketing Toolkit Resume post. Additional links to How to build your resume, Resume Example links, Templates, Action and Keywords (don’t forget those) and Free Resume Help.
  • Writing Your First Resume – First time (resume that is)? No problem. This article, from Alison Doyle,  provides all of the basic ingredients you need to get started. From researching job postings to what to include on your first resume, the advice is great. Below this are links for resources, special links for students and tons of related links and articles.

Good luck in your search.

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