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7 Apps to Help with Your Job Search

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Finding a job has never been is harder with recent job cuts, lay-offs and mass redundancies. Competition has increased with the Internet – it has never been easier to conduct a job search and submit your resume. You have to be more competitive to get an interview and land a job in a good company. There are three major steps in a job searchprocess: : creating the perfect curriculum vitae (or resume), finding and applying for a job vacancy and successfully completing the interview process.

The seven apps listed below will help provide a competitive advantage to finding a job. From job lists, to designing the best resume, and building your confidence. These apps will surely help you start or find a new and exciting career.


1.    Pocket cv:

Creating the best resume before you start you job hunting is obviously the first thing that you must do. It may be hard to create a resume that will sell you and your talent to your prospective employer. But this app will surely help you make it easier. You just need to make sure that you use an easy-to-follow layout related to your job/career type.

This app offers great help for people who are looking for an easy and effective way to write a resume that will not only impress potential employers, but will help them to get interviews as well. Pocket cv gives you an opportunity to make your resume in eight different design formats. You can also import all your data from linkedin (if you have an account) to help you build a better cv.

2.    Resume Designer:

If you are in a hurry and you have to do your resume quickly, this is the best tool for you. This app is perfect to create a cv on the go. A basic app that lets you create a resume easily, you just have to fill in the details the five default sections of the template. While you are doing your resume, you can always look at the preview below to show you exactly what you’ve done so far. This way, you can quickly change or add necessary things. You can also create a custom section if you think that the default section don’t suit your resume. Once you’re done, you can immediately email or print the cv from the app.




Take your job search with you via this mobile app from (which I’m sure you’ve heard of). This app is useful if you’re on-the-go and want to see the latest jobs that fit your criteria. The app has some great functionality: you can save and/or email your favorite job postings as well as save recent searches. The app will also show you the latest jobs posted based on your criteria. The app is available on iTunes and Google Play.

4.    JobCentrePlus:

If you are looking for a job and you don’t know where to start. This app is good for you! Jobcentreplus app allows you to search for job vacancies available at every Job Center nationwide and gives you a huge number of positions to choose from. It works in three ways. First is that you can find a job by simply defining a term. Or you can also use the location capabilities in looking for a job in your current place. Last is to search for a job by a category or job title.

You can also look in general if you don’t have a preferred position or job. But, of course, it will give you a lot of results. This app will surely help you dig out number of preferences and options available. Having same opportunities with the real Job Centre, this app offers you a lesser stress in job hunting.

5. Job Search – Monster Worldwide:

This app gives you a simpler way of looking through job listing on one of the most popular job search websites. The Monster Jobs website is one of the largest, best-known and first job sites and has been available for many years now. The app makes job search easier by creating  job search tools. Like the Jobcentreplus app, this tool also allows you to search for jobs based on keywords and/or location.

You can use this for looking for any jobs and the app also offers a number of filters to help you narrow down your search. Simply register for an account and you can easily access your resumes and cover letters so you can directly apply for a job using this app.



6.    101 HR interview questions: (Android)

Now that you’ve leveraged the apps above and  are done creating your resume and searching for jobs that match your skills, it’s time  to prepare yourself for the interview. You need to enhance your interview skills. Meaning, practicing to answer all the possible questions that your prospective employer will ask. You have to be confident in answering all their questions in the best of your knowledge.

101 interview questions and Answers provides a wide range of questions that a that may be asked at a job interview. The application answers most commonly asked interview questions and has categories for ease of use.

7.    HR interview Advance Questions: (iOS)

This is a free interview that helps you to answer tough interview questions by giving you some insight as to how interviewers think. The app includes technical interviews, personal interviews  .

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