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Great Android Apps That Will Help With Your Job Search and Resume


It’s no secret that an eye-catching resume increases your chances of getting that job you want. While the job search process relies primarily on the Internet these days, it’s good to have an option that will allow you to apply for a job and work on perfecting your resume even when you are out and about.

For those of you who use Android-based smartphones, there are tons of excellent job apps for Android Smartphones, but there are also a bunch of excellent resume-related apps being created as well.

Here are some of the best apps for making your resume accessible no matter where you are and allowing you to work on creating the ultimate resume even when you are nowhere near your computer.

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Pocket Resume

This is probably the best app available for not only creating a great looking resume on your mobile phone but sending it to anyone who might want to see it at any time.

It is a very easy to use app with a slick interface that allows you to create, maintain, update and email your resume right from the phone. Remember, job opportunities can show themselves anywhere – this app makes sure that you are prepared to present your qualifications at all times.

“According to Pew research, 95% of American adults own a cellphone, and 77% of those are smartphones. With such a huge percentage of the population using mobile devices, it’s virtually guaranteed that thousands of people are using their phones to look for jobs.” –

Resume Builder

Resume Builder is an app that lets you build a good looking resume very quickly. There are a number of templates to look at and it is very easy to use. As you build your resume using this app, it offers tips and guidelines for creating an easy to read, an informative and strong resume that will present your qualifications in the best possible light.


ZipRecruiter is one of the newer job search boards. Their app is very easy to use.  Let it know the jobs you are looking for (include your location and keywords including job titles). The app will find jobs that meet your criteria and then you can apply to any of the jobs. The job search board learns the type of employment you are looking, searches and then notifies you when there is a new job that meets your profile.


Top Resume Tips

Here is a great app that helps you learn about the process of writing a good resume. It’s great to take on the road and read when you have some spare time because you can really learn a lot from these great resume tips that the app collects from all over the Internet’s top sites on career and professional advice.


If you’ve looked for a job in the last few years you are certainly familiar with  Their app is a great tool to help you find jobs and apply from your smartphone. Jobs are posted from over 5o countries with over 15 million jobs.  You can create a profile or use your existing account on your smartphone.

PrinterShare Mobile Print

This app makes sure that you are never caught empty-handed. It makes it easy for you to print out your resume on the go and present a hard copy of your qualifications to anyone who might want one. You never know when and where an opportunity can present itself – don’t be caught unprepared.

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Resume App Pro

Resume App Pro not only takes you through a simple process for creating a great resume, it also converts and stores the resume as a PDF, which means that you will never worry about your resume losing its format when you want to send it to someone.

Trovit Jobs

Despite its name, Trovit allows you to search for jobs using a number of parameters. You can also set up alerts. Trovit searches for jobs across hundreds of job search boards and uses Trovit’s filters to see jobs based on salary and location.

LinkedIn is one of the best tools for career and job search. Their app is designed to help you look for a job in real-time. You can have job alerts sent to your Android phone and once you find something that matches, you can apply right from your phone and view the status of your application.

Push notifications are also an option. You can save searches as well as keeping a history of viewed jobs. The other thing to note is that this is a dedicated job search app, separate from the LinkedIn app.

Resume Writing Secrets

This is probably the end-all-be-all of resume tip apps. If you travel a lot and have a lot of free time to read and learn, this app will give you loads of information on how to create a resume that will be sure to impress any employer. It is packed to the brim with simple and effective tips and tricks for creating a resume that will get you noticed and hired.

My Resume Builders

This app will allow you to create a great resume in a relatively short time, leveraging a number of formats. It includes professional formats and allows you to change font size and style as needed. Create the sections that you need (as many or as few as you want) You can save your resume in PDF format (so you don’t have to worry about losing your format). Use the sample profile and create your resume very quickly.

Smart Resume Builder

Another app to help you build your resume in 5 easy steps. You name your profile, select the sections you would like to include, add custom sections (as needed), choose your format and then generate your resume.

Smartphones have become one of the leading devices for job search. Your chances of getting an interview are significantly increased if you get there first.

While computers are faster and more versatile, they are not always convenient when you get a lead.

Your smartphone, on the other hand, is almost always with you.

Hiring managers get several hundred applications/resumes for jobs that are posted. If yours is not in the first 50 or so, it is likely you won’t get an interview


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