How To Become Your Own Personal Career Coach

your careerMany people do not realize that the one thing that may be keeping them from living a successful life is their mindset. Very often, we are our own worst critics, especially at work where our performance and its subsequent results are influenced and judged by others. Your career can be better, more exciting and rewarding if you learn how to take charge of the way you think. Learn how to become your very own personal career coach with these tips:


Know What You Want.

Maybe the position of a Regional Vice President or Chief Operating Officer may sound fancy and look impressive on your business card but if your talents and interests lie elsewhere, you will never find fulfillment in your career, no matter how well you do in it. Consider your own standards, dreams, aspirations and goals. Ask yourself, “If money is no object, what would I rather do or where would I rather be?”

At first, the answer may seem impractical to your current situation but once you get to the root of your inner self, you will understand the type of career you are supposed to have based on the things you want to do and the talent you were born with. For example, becoming a performer may be your dream job but if you lack the singing skills necessary, you may want to look into a career as a music producer or composer or even as a backup singer. If you know what you want, you set your own standards for success and will be all the more satisfied for it.


Always Ask For the Goods.

Whenever you are faced with an important decision, ask yourself, “Is this good for my goals? Will this help me achieve what I want?” Initially, it will not be easy to trust your inner voice because fairly often your ego will throw a few wrenches in the way. However, once you understand that who you are inside is protective of your interests, you will learn to trust your decisions.


Know Your Weaknesses But Rely on Your Strengths.

We all have our good points and bad points. Regardless of the type of career you have, know what makes you shine and what makes you stumble. You may not always succeed at overcoming every weakness you have but when you know what they are and recognize what they do to you, you have a better chance of overcoming them and even using them to perform better at work.


Write It Down.

As your very own personal career coach, you should learn how to face each problem or challenge in a way that allows you to use your creativity to come up with a solution. If you have a problem that needs solving, write it down, then create a diagram that will allow you to dissect it to its very core. Write down the issues that cause the problem, who are involved and why, the type of challenges present that may complicate the matter, what types of solutions will work and how. Brainstorming is an important step in your career and as your personal career coach, you will learn how to hone this skill and use it to your advantage.


Believe in What You Can Do.

One of the worst offenses that anyone can make that sabotages their careers is their failure to believe in their abilities. As your own career coach, you can never succeed at your goals of motivating yourself if nothing you can do or have done is good enough. Of course, you should always challenge yourself but you must first and foremost believe in your skills and abilities. Knowing that you can make a positive change in your career will give you more confidence to excel not just in your career but also in your personal life.


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