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Anxiety disorders can make life difficult because of excessive worry and analyzation. If you do not believe that you are ready to handle a high-stress job, you still have plenty of great options. However, if your stress and anxiety are impacting your wellbeing, then you may want to consider therapy. Check out this article about behavioral therapy.

How Does Anxiety Affect a Career?

Anxiety symptoms come when there is a perceived threat from a situation, person, object, or even a thought.  When someone has anxiety that may feel panicked or have distressing or intrusive thoughts. This can affect a person’s ability to complete work.

In addition, social anxiety disorder is anxiety that arises from social situations. This often means that there is worry and fear of being judged by others. This may make it hard to communicate for a certain job that requires a person to speak to peers or bosses.

Stressful jobs can pile on a lot of work and make it more likely that a person will have an anxiety attack. If you are constantly worried about what a job entails because of your anxiety, it may be good to focus on careers that are less stressful.

Anxiety disorders can make life difficult because of excessive worry and analyzation. If you don't believe that you are ready to handle a high-stress job, you still have plenty of great options.Click To Tweet

What to Look for in a Low-Stress Career?

A lot of careers can be stressful and the type that works for some people’s anxieties may not necessarily be the type that works for someone else. Everyone has different triggers for their symptoms of anxiety. However, there are some things that you can look for in a career that may be less stressful and reduce the risk of anxiety.

A flexible job in regard to deadlines and social interaction may be a good thing if you suffer with anxiety. Working from home or having the ability to change a deadline if you have anxiety that makes it difficult to complete the task may help to reduce the chance of anxiety at all. One that does not have meetings all the time may help those who suffer from social anxiety as well.

You may also want a boss that is understanding because then you will be able to take mental health days as long as you still complete the work. One final thing to consider is the number of hours of work that the job will require. This is especially true of work that is done on your own time in addition to the regular work.

Now let’s check out the best jobs for people with anxiety!


This is a great career for someone who has social anxiety but loves reading and learning. Librarians work with people, but it is usually not very often. Even when you do have to work with people it probably will only be for a few minutes.

Librarians make good money as well. The average salary for a librarian is over $50k annually. However, typically libraries require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and many require a master’s degree in library and information science. However, it is a fantastic, fulfilling career for those who want to promote literacy and spend their days around books.


Landscaping is a great career for people who like to work outside. It can be creative and a lot of people like being able to see the work they complete. Most of the time you will be working with one or two other people at the most. Also, studies show that gardening may be good for both physical and mental health.

Massage Therapist

A massage therapist works in a low-stress environment. Also, they work with their hands and mind so there may be less chance of worry and anxious thoughts. You will be able to chat with your clients, but it is not high-pressure social interaction.

As a massage therapist, you will be able to reduce the stress of others, and this may even reduce your own anxiety and stress levels. The work environment is typically peaceful and quiet as well.

To become a massage therapist, you will need to receive a diploma from a massage therapy program and pass the license examination. Massage therapists usually make around $40k per year.



A mechanic works with their hands which can keep anxieties out of the mind. Not only that, but there is an opportunity to work your way into high income as a mechanic. To become a mechanic, you will need to complete a vocational education program and receive a diploma. After that, you can complete additional coursework in order to specialize or become a master mechanic.

Chef or Baker

Baking or cooking is a great way to distract the mind and provide satisfaction for yourself and others. A lot of people find that cooking or baking is relaxing for the mind. In fact, there is research backing this train of thought.

Even though bakers and chefs start out making a modest income, there is opportunity to increase income as you work your way up and make a name for yourself. Typically, bakers and chefs will attend culinary school or certificate programs, but it is not necessarily required.


Writing is a great job for those who suffer from anxiety because there is little work to do with other people. This reduces the amount of stress. A writer only needs to worry about deadlines. Most writers have a college degree in journalism, English, communications, or other related subjects.

Writers have the potential to earn $50k or more a year and you can write about virtually any topic. The internet has created more opportunities for writers to find their place.

Computer Programmer

A computer programmer creates programs for computers in addition to debugging or troubleshooting coding and programming errors. Typically, this is for those people who have strong analytical skills. This is good for those who have anxiety because it does not require much social interaction.

There is a high demand for computer programmers and other people who work in the IT industry and this means that the income has the potential to be high. In fact, the average salary for these types of jobs is over $75k a year. It does require a minimum of an associate’s degree in computer science or a similar field.

Fitness Trainer

This job involves more social interaction than the other jobs in this article, but it is still a great choice for those who suffer from anxiety.  Staying fit and exercising can help to improve your overall anxiety levels. Plus, you can help others reach their health and fitness goals which can be very fulfilling.

To become a fitness trainer, you do not have to have a college degree. However, you will have to achieve certification in a few different areas.


A plumber is a good opportunity to use your hands and keep the mind off of things that may be worrisome. Also, plumbers are always needed and in demand. Then, there is ample opportunity for growth, and you can become a well-paid master plumber with sufficient education and certification.

Graphic Designer

If you are interested in art, but also have a knack for technology and computers, then graphic design may be the field for you. This profession is great for anxiety because most of the work can be completed on your own. In fact, disturbances may even reduce the quality of work!

Graphic designers are always in demand because every marketing material online and in-person needs to be designed. You will have to be trained in graphic design and many professional graphic designers have a college degree. Then, you can build your portfolio. After that, it is just a matter of finding clients or landing a full-time job.

Delivery Driver

For some people, driving can be relaxing. You will also be able to listen to music while you are driving around delivering items. You do not have to interact with people much other than short conversations with customers.

Delivery drivers do not make a ton of money, but it can be a good side hustle and does not require a post-high school education.

Lab Technician

Being a lab technician is a great way to work in the medical industry without having to interact often. In addition, it can be a very fulfilling career because lab technicians are necessary for diagnosis and treatment.

Also, lab technicians make an average of around $50k per year and you will only need to have an associate’s degree in clinical laboratory science.

Another related profession is a pharmacy technician. They are similar, but a pharmacy technician will make sure that any medication is properly and carefully measured and administered.


Anxiety may keep you from interacting socially or seeking out a high-stress job. Thankfully, there are tons of interesting and fulfilling career opportunities that should not cause you too much stress. There are tons of jobs that do not require much social interaction or work outside of the typical hours. These are probably the best options for someone who suffers from anxiety. However, if you feel like your anxiety is keeping you from doing what you want, you can also seek out the help of a mental health professional.

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