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4 Tips To Help You Prepare For Job Hunting In The New Normal

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You have to equip yourself with tech skills and soft skills like communication and creativity. Continue networking through LinkedIn, and update your CV.

You have finally graduated from university with flying numbers. You see, a promising future ahead of you, but there is a problem- a huge problem.

The pandemic has taken over the world and is now spreading fear and chaos all around you. The normal lifestyle is breaking apart. The job market has also faced a severe downturn, but humanity has found ways to adapt to this. People have started working from home to keep the wheels of the economy running.

So, since the job market is back up, how can a fresh graduate like you prepare for a job hunt in the new normal?

In this article, we will talk about how you can prepare yourself for the new job market.

You have to equip yourself with tech skills and soft skills like communication and creativity. Continue networking through LinkedIn, and update your CV.Click To Tweet

The Challenges You Will Face

The first thing you need to look out for before getting a job is to assess the challenges this online stay at home job market offers.

Many students are up to date with technologies, but they may or may not be familiar with using this technology for a professional purpose. Preparing your resume should be your first step. If you need help on how to write a CV, seek help from the various online resume writing services. . Aside from resumes, you also have to prepare yourself for video interviews.

Another challenge that many students believe is that most current students have graduated through online classes and exams.

They think most job sectors will not be eager to recruit employees that have graduated through online classes.

That is not always the case. Most organizations education attained through online programs (modified due to the pandemic) the same as in-class education. Therefore, this should not be a problem.

A significant challenge that started the whole “what to do now” dilemma among the graduates is that most organizations have canceled their internship program.

These internship programs vastly help a fresh graduate gain experience in the job market to land a job. Without these internship programs, they lack the necessary hands-on experience to achieve great feats in the work field they want to join.

Another unprecedented challenge seen these days is the lack of graduate offers most companies and organizations usually give out.

Therefore, many graduates are failing to gain the opportunity to better understand the scope and skills they require in the job field.

Research About Struggling Job Fields

Normally, some job fields will stay as they are during this online work system, while others will struggle financially.

It can also vary from region to region as some regions’ economies depend on one sector like agribusiness, while others rely on the manufacturing industry.

So it is easy to understand that the industrial region cannot flourish in the agricultural sector, and the agricultural-dependent regions cannot grow their industrial sector.

Although these conditions can change from time to time as more organizations adapt to the changes, it is still better to understand which organizations have less risk of suffering an economic crisis.

Important Things to consider

Now the important part: what do you need to do to prepare yourself in the new and technological job sector. Although some aspects of the job market haven’t changed, there are some differences now.

To avail and be better than others, you need to consider the following things-

1. Networking Selectively

It needs no explanation that professional networks will help you the most in your job field. An excellent way to connect professionally is to be active on LinkedIn and connect with various people there.

It is a great way to communicate professionally and get to know people in various fields.

2. Developing your skill level

You may have graduated, but that does not mean you have learned everything. There is no end to learning, and there are many online courses that will help build your skill level in a particular field.

The more skills you gain and the more you learn, your LinkedIn profile will also look more appealing to recruiters and hiring managers in the companies you want to join..

Everyone has their weaknesses. Identify your weaknesses, sort them out, and look where you can develop, which will help you grow professionally.

Udemy, Khan Academy, Coursera are very cheap and renowned online course providers to gain useful skills and knowledge.

You need to be tech-savvy. Your degree will never be enough in this new normal unless you have tech expertise since almost 80% of the latest job vacancies are expected to be software-centric.

Your skills also include developing time management, communication skills, and presenting yourself in video interviews.

3. Maintain Communication

So you have connected with some people, and you also have gained some valuable skills. But you never have communicated with anyone.

If you cannot do that, all these networks, all the skills you have developed, will be in vain. Being good in communication will significantly increase your confidence and motivation to join the work fields and be successful.

Research the job market and specifically on the job field you are looking to join will make it easier for you to connect with people associated in that field and make you more approachable.

4. Update Your CV

Your CV needs to be continuously updated and improved based on the requirements an organization asks. Not many CVs will seem attractive to all organizations, so it is wise to keep updating your resume to match what organizations are looking for.

When you gain a specific skill or complete a course, add it to your CV. Similarly, if you complete an internship, add it to your CV.

It is crucial to customize your resume to highlight relevant skills and experiences that fit the requirements of a specific job you are applying to.

But be sure to add relevant skills to the job and recent achievements. An achievement five years ago may not be appropriate right now. As for formats, you can find plenty of resources online.


The world has not gone back to the normal we were accustomed to.  Many companies and organizations are still recovering from the financial loss they have suffered during the global lockdown period. They are adjusting to the new normal. You need to develop yourself both in the technological field and develop the skill sets to prepare for the conditions of the ‘new normal’ job market.

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