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Secure Your Dream Job: 4 Links Every College Grad Needs

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The echoes of Pomp and Circumstance have dimmed, replaced by the stark reality of job hunting in the professional realm. The swift passage of four college years has led to an unexpected challenge: adjusting to life back at home. This only fuels your drive to secure employment swiftly. But truth be told, the transition to the professional world is a step up to the big leagues, where the career advice you garnered in college may fall short. You may have frequented the career office in your senior year, but the practicality of what you gleaned remains to be seen.

The first and most important thing you will need is a resume. Take your time with this as your ability to “get your foot in the door” is heavily dependent on the content and “look and feel” of your resume.Click To Tweet

Take comfort; you’re in good company, despite your parents likely not wanting to hear about your friends’ similar jobless situations. This piece leverages CareerAlley’s vast resource library, aiding you in your quest to secure a job in the professional sphere.

Where to Start – Do you have your resume?

  • Job Search Planning:– This is the first lesson in CareerAlley’s job search Planning lessons. These free lessons (a series of three)  provide a number of resources to create your job search plan. See the bullet list below as well.

Make a Plan:

  • Keep a list to keep track of which sites you’ve visited. Include your username and password for each site. You think you will remember them but you won’t. Also, include the last date you visited
  • ALWAYS return calls as soon as possible, start off your day doing this
  • Review your top 5 job search sites
  • Check jobs on LinkedIn
  • Respond to emails as appropriate (and related)
  • Research, research, research – Make a list of companies you would like to work for
  • Register on 3-5 company websites
  • Register on 3-5 job search sites
  • Send your resume to 3-5 recruiters/headhunters
  • Use job agents and leverage technology
  • Register where you can and make sure you upload your resume
  • Are you all done with every list known to man (not likely)? Recycle the list, revisit the job search boards, and try new searches

Other Options – Internships

Graduating from college doesn’t preclude you from considering internships. At the very least, it provides valuable experience, and it may even open the door to a potential job offer.

  • – Allied with, it’s evident what this site is devoted to. Navigation links atop the homepage lead to Today’s Internships, Past Internships, Entry-Level Jobs (redirecting to, About Us, and Blog, among others. The Past Internships link opens up a roster of previously posted internships, sortable by date, employer, and tag cloud. A click on any company link unveils a full page of comprehensive information, inclusive of internships. The page’s right-hand side hosts more beneficial links offering further details or direct access. As a recurrent theme in my college career articles, I emphasize the crucial role of internships during college. This platform should be your go-to resource when pondering your internship choices. It packs a trove of information within its links, all within an uncluttered, intuitive interface.
  • – It’s a very good idea to have as many internships during your college education as possible, but if you are graduating this year and don’t have a job, you could certainly still do an internship over the summer until you find full-time employment. This site has tabs near the top for Intern Listing, Intern Jobs, College Intern, and Intern Board. Below this, there is an Intern search bar to the left, and below that is a section for students with plenty of resources. The Center section is your main search area where you can subscribe or look at some internships now.
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