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3 Signs You May Be Ready for a New Job

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your careerIf you’ve been thinking about a job change for a while, it might be time for you to get more serious about it. Many people delay changing jobs and looking for a new one for too long, and by the time they quit, they’re at their breaking point. It’s not just smart for your career, it’s good for your health and long-term personal fulfillment to keep an eye on what point you’re at with your job and career.

Finding out that you’re ready for a new job doesn’t have to mean an immediate change. You can take your time as you look for new options. Here are three signs that you might be ready for a new job sooner rather than later.

Dreading work on Monday morning

It’s normal for each of us to feel some trepidation about going to work now and then. If you actually, truly dread getting up and heading to work every Monday morning, however, something might be wrong. Think about what’s underlying these feelings. Do you hate your boss, do you feel like you’re wasting time at work, or do you know that you simply don’t like your job? Dreading work in the morning is normal every now and then as you end your weekend of fun and go back to spending time at the office or workplace, but it shouldn’t be a predictable raincloud that darkens every Monday, or worse yet, every single weekday.

Stuck with no room for advancement

Some jobs are simply dead-end careers. Whether your employer prefers to hire candidates from outside the staff for managerial positions or you don’t have the qualifications necessary to move into a new job position, getting stuck is not a good idea. Working for too long in one job will close off your cv and potential for exciting new jobs in the same field, and your career will feel stagnant and uninteresting. If it’s impossible to pull off even a sideways move into other departments that offer better advancement, start looking for the exit.

Want a completely new career field

It’s not uncommon to switch careers – in fact, most people do it several times in their lifetime. If you have ever heard a friend or relative talk about multiple jobs they have held in very different fields, this will be a familiar idea, but some people get stuck in the idea that they have to stay in this hunt. Some people prefer to be open with their employers about this, while other employers will immediately find some excuse to terminate you or treat you poorly if you are known to be hunting for another job. Use your discretion as you decide what the first stages of your job hunting process should and can involve.

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