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What you do for your career can have a great impact on your life. It is something that you will spend most of your week doing, so you want to make sure that it is something you enjoy. If you find yourself listening wistfully to your friends and family as they describe what they do for a living and find yourself wishing you had a better job, it might be time for a career change. Changing your career at any stage of your life can feel like a daunting process; after all, going into something you don’t know can be scary. Yet it is never too late to get the career you have always wanted. Think carefully about the skills you have – are any of them transferable? And consider what you really enjoy in your spare time. Is this something you can make a viable living out of? Would you want to do it every day? Be cautious as sometimes people turn a hobby into a career and find out that it takes the fun out of what they used to love to do! If you decide you want to change your job, here are ten top tips for landing your dream career.

Consider the skills you have

Think about the skills you already have and how these can be used in your dream career – this will help you to land your job. If you have been working as a travel agent, for example, think of all the skills you have acquired, such as with admin, people skills, and organization, and how you can use these in most jobs. These are transferrable skills that your employers will love to see. You could also look into some online courses that could aid you with brushing up on any skills you feel are a bit rusty – there are so many out there to try!

Do your research

If you know what your dream career is but aren’t too sure how to get there, do your research! Find out what skills or attributes are required for the job and then acquire these so you can fit the role. If you need other experience, you don’t have, find out which roles are slightly less senior and how you can get into these so you can get your foot in the door. Think also about the people you know and the connections you have – can any of them help you at all? If you know someone in the profession already, don’t be afraid to ask them for help and if they have any advice or top tips they can give to you. If you are looking to get certified as a product manager for your dream job role, for example, find someone who does this already and ask about what it entailed to get to their position.

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Create a killer resume and covering letter

In this current climate, some job roles can receive hundreds of applications for one position, so it is important you stand out. If you are applying for many jobs at once, it can be tempting just to copy and paste the same resume and cover letter to each one, only changing the names and addresses at the top. Instead, refrain from doing this and tailor each application for the company you are applying for. This may take more of your time; however, it is also a lot more likely to give you the upper hand against other similar candidates. Search on sites such as Linkedin to try and find the best person who will be sorting through applications and write their name on the top. This is much better than addressing it generically to “madam or sir”. 

Changing your career at any stage of your life can feel like a daunting process; after all, going into something you don't know can be scary. Yet it is never too late to get the career you have always wanted.Click To Tweet

Be prepared for your interview

If you get through to the next interview stage for your dream career, you don’t want to fluff it up in the interview. Be sure to read through the job specification very thoroughly and brush up on your interview skills before the big day. Be sure to dress smart and act confidently. It is also an idea to think up a list of questions that you can ask at the end – remember you want to see if you like the job as much as you want them to hire you! Think of anything you want to find out, and don’t forget to research the company before you go.

These are just a few tips to land your dream career. Follow these, and soon you will be in a much better stead to work in the job you have always wanted.

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