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Top Five Tips to Boost Your Job Search

How long have you ignored that nagging voice? The one that says you deserve more money? That you’d thrive on more responsibility? Or that you just fancy a change? The only way to silence it is to act. If you have been thinking about a career change, you’ll need to get your job search started, but it can be a daunting task. Here are our top tips to boost your job search and ensure that you can take the next step in your career.

1. Know what you want

Before you even start, it’s key that you have figured out what it is you want from your next job. Start by defining your motivations for leaving your current role; is it a lack of responsibility, monotonous work, a poor relationship with your manager or is it simply that you are not being paid enough? Once you have this figured out, you will be able to identify what it is you want from your next role. With that information in mind, you will be well placed to find and target the right type of jobs.

“As you consider your next career move, you should think about what makes you excited to wake up every day, but don’t stop there. For every interest or passion, really try to pinpoint what about it gets you most excited. It’s also helpful to try out some things that’ll let you explore your interests a bit more—think volunteer projects, side hustles, and informational interviews. ” – Ashley Faus

2. Know where to look

So you’ve worked out what you want from your next job, now it’s time to get searching. But where to look? Start with researching recruitment firms that specialize in your industry, they will have a variety of roles that will be suited to your skill set. You should also look for specialist job boards, where these jobs are advertised. Look at industry publications and websites that cover news and events, many of which will have information about jobs in the sector. You can also think about the type of organization you’d like to work for and research them directly; many larger companies operate their own recruitment and will advertise jobs on their own websites.


3. Talk to the right recruiters

It is important that you spend your time looking in the right places and speaking to the right people. Specialist recruiters, such as Michael Page, who work in your industry are a great source of help with your job search. They will be able to offer advice on your search and will have direct access to a wide array of available jobs. Identify recruitment firms in your space and seek out consultants who work in your area. You can find their information via LinkedIn and they are always happy to hear from new candidates.

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4. Use social media

More than half of organizations in the UK use social media to screen potential new employees and you can be using it to your advantage. Not only can you create a social presence which is impressive to potential employers but you can be researching them as well. Building a professional and well-curated LinkedIn profile is the best way to market yourself online – treat it as your online CV and make sure that it is kept up to date. LinkedIn is also a great source of job opportunities and the best place to build a network of professional contacts. You should also ensure that your other social profiles such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are showing you in a positive light.

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5. Keep at it

There is no getting around the fact that a job search can be tough. There will most likely be some rejection along the way and at times it may feel like the job you are looking for does not exist. It is so important to remain positive and keep momentum in your search. New jobs come onto the market every single day and those job seekers who are proactive and keeping a close eye on the market are much better placed to capitalize when jobs do come up. Stick with it, your dream job may come up at any moment.

With good preparation, knowing where and how to search, using the tools available to you and with a positive attitude you are putting yourself in the best place to boost your job search and take the next step in your career.

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