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Business Success Boost: Top Motivational Tips for Startups

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The first real challenge faced by entrepreneurs when they move from being employed to business owners is a lack of motivation. The world changes, from having a person on top to set goals for them, to taking up the sole responsibility of taking the lead.

The challenge becomes even more real when the entrepreneur is inexperienced, and they’re used to working in a business setup as opposed to working on it. Self-discipline and organization are key, and lack of it affects personal development, and limits set goals.

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An entrepreneur must maintain focus on the new venture, while at the same time staying motivated to become a leader of their own business. But what are the success strategies for entrepreneurs to get motivated when starting new businesses? For more Tips and Ideas on Running a Successful Business, visit The Business Blocks.

1. Set a personal mission statement

Every successful business must have mission and vision statements, which are crucial for describing the broader goals, traditions, and underlying core values of an organization. It is mainly used for setting the direction of a business and motivating stakeholders. Therefore, the first thing you should do is to write down your mission statement, memorize it, and if possible, carry it with you wherever you go. It serves as a constant reminder of your purpose as a new entrepreneur.

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2. Develop a workable plan

In business, a mission statement may not be relevant without a tangible plan of execution. Take time to develop and write a comprehensive plan, including both short and long-term goals. Professional and personal circumstances are bound to change with time, and so will your plans. The idea is to have a clear understanding of how you plan to accomplish your goals, and how you will achieve them.

3. Start and stick to a routine

How you get started defines how far you will go as a business. For that reason, ensure that you start every day with a strong morning routine to help your body and mind focus on the challenges ahead, and to prepare for new habits. Discipline is important in maintaining a set routine.

4. Create time for yourself

It is easy for entrepreneurs to find themselves completely caught up in the affairs of running their businesses, but creating time for yourself is essential. This is a time to get your mind off work, to meditate and think about your life, and exercise whenever you can. Spend this time eating a healthy meal and drinking water as staying healthy helps you focus better on what lies ahead.

5. Set timely reminders throughout the day

Regardless of how good you might be at making plans, it is difficult to stay in a routine. To help you through it, you can set reminders that will remind you of the important tasks to be handled during the day, as well as your daily goals. Make use of reminders on your smartphone. They will alert you when you’re spending too much time on social media.

6. Set rewards

Rewards are some of the best motivators as humans will naturally react to incentives. Often, reward yourself for what you accomplish or whenever you maintain a habit. In a business setup, recognizing small achievements goes a long way in helping you achieve even bigger goals. In much the same way, appreciating your efforts is an important aspect of running a business. It helps you maintain focus, and set your eyes on the objectives of every day.

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7. Associate with successful and highly motivated friends

In most cases, the best motivation is drawn from peer influence. Learn to associate with people who impact your life positively by pushing you to attain individual or shared goals. Thanks to technology, there are plenty of handy apps that will make your engagement with friends more fun. It doesn’t matter how good you are in your field, but there will always be something to learn from your network.

8. Find time for inspirational activities

Often, you’ll find yourself looking for motivation outside the workplace. How about watching inspirational clips on YouTube during your tea or lunch break? You can also subscribe to daily inspirational podcasts that you can listen to during your evening walks, or in the morning on your way to work. It is a helpful way to enjoy your time alone.

9. Stay positive

People love different things, and what makes you happy might not be the same mantra for another person. When you need a boost, choose an activity that enhances the positive side of you. Focusing on negatives can be energy-draining, and looking for a comeback is wasted time and opportunity. Enhance your motivation by staying in the right mood.

10. Get adequate sleep

Last, and definitely not least, finding a good night’s sleep is essential for personal motivation. You might rant over missed deadlines or unfinished work, but you’ll never find the right compensation for the misery of losing sleep. Get enough sleep and wake up fresh and well-rested for another productive day.

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