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Top Tips for Keeping Your Skills Up-to-Date

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One of the biggest challenges that people face is not just having the right skills for a job, but having up-to-date skills to complete the job competently. If you possess the skills but have not used them in 10 years, then how do the company you are applying for know that you are capable of supporting their business? It is therefore vital that you keep your skills up-to-date. There are plenty of highly skilled roles out there, such as Technology Talent Acquisition Partner Jobs, that require specific skills and capabilities that, if you don’t possess, will hinder your performance. If you are currently working a different job that involves different skills, there are a few other ways that you can keep the relevant skills needed for the job you want to apply for up-to-date to help boost your employability.

Here are some steps to help you get started. 

#1 Check the key skills for the role

The skills needed for the particular role you are applying for may have changed or evolved. Make sure you do your research and find out what skills are required for the role you are applying for and make a list. You can then categorize this list into the priority skills that you should learn or renew first, and any that you do not possess and should learn. This will also help you understand where you are in your journey, and whether you are ready to apply for jobs in that area, or whether you require more upskilling first to boost your employability. It is also a great opportunity to see if this is still the career path that you want to pursue. 

#2 Set yourself targets 

It is extremely easy to think about what you want and need to do, but it is much harder to get them done. It can be motivating to identify your goals and set yourself targets to achieve. This will help you move forward and develop the skills required for the job much quicker. It will also help you identify the steps you need to take, such as taking a new course or finding a mentor. Keep reviewing your plan against the job roles and industry, to ensure you are constantly staying up to date with your actions. 

#3 Take action 

You must take action on your plan and goals. There are many different ways that you can keep your skills current. The three most popular methods are to find a mentor, utilize online resources, or study a new qualification. Depending on what your goals are you may just need to take one of these steps or tap into all three. 

If you are currently working a different job that involves different skills, there are a few other ways that you can keep the relevant skills needed for the job you want to apply for up-to-date to help boost your employability.Click To Tweet

Online resources 

Technology provides you with the opportunity to learn anything at the touch of a button. If you know what skills you need to learn, you can use the internet to tap into the thousands of resources that are available, both free and paid, to help you learn and develop new skills. This could be in the form of a book, a podcast, a YouTube video, or utilizing free resources from providers such as Google Digital Garage. You can also find leaders in your industry and see what they have to offer. 

Study a new qualification 

Studying for a new, or up-to-date qualification is a great way to invest in yourself, level up your skills, and show the company you want to work for that you are dedicated to your learning and the job role. When looking for qualifications to study, make sure they are trusted, reputable and accredited, to ensure you learn what you need to learn. A qualification will make your resume stand out from the rest and demonstrate that you meet the level of criteria needed for the job. 

Find a mentor 

There are plenty of people out there who are willing to be mentors because they are passionate about their job and want to help others and pass on their knowledge. People feel valued when they can help others, and it can benefit them greatly by boosting their resume, so there is no reason not to. See if you can find someone within the industry, who is willing to give up some of their time to teach you skills, work with you and help you grow within the industry. This can also help you make new contacts and a good insight into the industry. 

#4 Network

Networking is one of the most impactful things you can do to grow your skills. You will be able to speak with industry leaders and connect with other people and businesses within your chosen industry. This will also help you stay on top of the latest trends, and boost your confidence, which will significantly help your employability. 

You must continue to learn, especially if you are looking to apply for a new job. Stay on top of your skills with these key tips.


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