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Recruiters and Headhunters Revisited Vol I

Just like you get recruited by recruiters, you need to “recruit” them as well and have them work for you. This article is the first in the series for helping find Recruiters/Headhunters.  So what can I say about headhunters? According to Wikipedia, a headhunter is – “A recruiter is someone engaging in recruitment, which is the solicitation of individuals to fill jobs or positions within any group, such as a corporation or sports team.” Make them part of your team, give them everything they need to help market you and find a job for you.

Executive Recruiters are typically recruiters that specialize in high-end job searches usually by retainer (paid up front for the job search, rather than after the individual is hired).  Headhunters or recruiters tend to work off of commission once they’ve successfully filled a job.  Keep in mind that recruiters work for the hiring company (and get paid by them).  While they will help you get a job, their first priority is to ensure that their client is happy with the results.

Following is a short list of some well known recruiters.

  • Korn/Ferry – A global executive recruiter.  They have numerous offices across the US and have offices in quite a few international locations as well.  You can register with their site, search their site for current opportunities (and apply) or contact a consultant. The have a wealth of helpful job search information on their site.
  • Russell Reynolds Associates – Russell Reynolds is also a global executive recruiter.  Unlike Korn/Ferry, you can not search their site directly for current opportunities, but you can find a consultant and send your resume.
  • Spencer Stuart – Another global executive recruiter.  Similar to Korn/Ferry, you can register on the site as well as send your resume.  There does not seem to be an option to search for current opportunities.
  • Business Systems Technology – This recruiter specializes in sales and marketing personnel for computer hardware and software.  This recruiter offers a few support services (like resume review) as well.  The site does not allow direct registration, but you can forward your resume via email (the registration page is under construction).
  • – This site matches software programmers with companies that are looking for programmers.  Both the “employer”  ”freelancer” sections seem to be very well designed.  For those individuals who are programmers and would like to become an independent contractor (or already are a contractor), this site seems to be an excellent resource.
  • – Health Care Recruiters International is a recruiter that is dedicated to the health care industry.  The site has a section where job seekers can search current openings as well as registering with the site.  They have quite a few offices across the US (not sure where the “international” comes in, I did not see any locations outside of the US).
  • – You guessed it, a financial services recruiter.  This website looks more like a job search site than a recruiter site (but it does appear to do both).  The site provides job search, registration for your resume as well as career services (resumes, interview skills, etc.).  There is an “ask a recruiter” section for questions as well as some articles.  Definitely worth a look, likely to be a popular site given the current environment.

We are always eager to hear from our readers. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions regarding CareerAlley content.

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