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Keep Going! The Secrets Of Self-Motivation For Jobseekers

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When you spend a lot of your time looking for a job, you might feel that you are sometimes getting nowhere with your job seeking efforts. Usually, it’s when you apply for a plethora of positions, and you are lucky to even get just one response back, regardless of the outcome!

The truth is that there are more job seekers out there these days. Sure, you might have noticed unemployment figures are low in your particular area. But, that doesn’t mean people that still have a job aren’t applying for new ones elsewhere!

As you can imagine, there is a raft of individuals applying for all kinds of jobs these days. The HR departments in charge of hiring new staff often get inundated with applications and speculative inquiries. In fact, so much so that they seldom have the time or manpower to reply to each applicant individually. That’s why there is now an unwritten rule in job seeking where if you don’t hear back about a job, it means you weren’t successful.

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That in itself can be somewhat demotivating, given the amount of time and effort you spend on crafting covering letters and curating the perfect applications. Still, if you’re looking for your dream job, it’s important to just keep going until you start getting positive responses to your applications.

If you’re finding it hard to stay motivated, here are some hot tips to make self-motivation easier and a constant part of your job-seeking process:

Treat job searching as a full-time job in itself

If you’re unemployed, there’s a tendency to get easily distracted and wander off to do other things. It’s vital you establish a routine and stick to it. That way, your negative emotions about applying for jobs won’t affect you so much because you have a to-do list you need to complete by a specific time each day.

For example, at 9 am you search online and in local newspapers for jobs you want to apply for. A couple of hours later, you start applying for them, taking a half-hour lunch break at some point in the day. And, by 4 pm, you can conclude your job seeking activities for the day.

Print off some motivational quotes and stick them above your computer screen

To avoid the “what’s the point of doing all this” times during your job searching, you should inspire yourself with some motivational quotes. But, rather than printing off just one quote and leaving it up on your wall, you should print out a new one each day.

Believe it or not, doing so will give you a lot of motivation to carry on and not let depression take hold of your mind. By using motivational quotes such as these, you can also enhance other areas of your life too.

Keep in touch with your former colleagues

It might shock you to learn that a high percentage of people get their dream jobs simply by asking former work colleagues if they know of any relevant jobs they can apply for at their new companies!

It’s always worth adding your colleagues past and present to your linkedin account so that you can keep in contact with them.

Sometimes, personal recommendations from people you’ve worked with in the past can add a lot of weight to your applications.

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