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How To Make The Most Out of Your Outplacement Support

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Recently lost your job? Let’s face it: Looking for the next job may not be easy. However, making the most out of the outplacement support service is the next best thing.

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What is Outplacement?

Chances are, your primary focus after being laid off from work is to find your next line of work. Aside from doing a comprehensive job search, you should also capitalize on outplacement services offered to you.

Let’s face it: Looking for the next job may not be easy. However, making the most out of the outplacement support service is the next best thing.

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Outplacement is a special service offered by some companies to laid-off workers as part of the severance package. It aims to help outgoing employees land their next job better and faster by training them on any of the following:

  • Job search techniques
  • Resume and cover letter writing
  • Connection to job opportunities
  • Job leads
  • Job seeking counseling and advice

Although most severance packages include a few further weeks of pay and some benefits, some companies are compassionate enough to offer outplacement support to outgoing members of the workforce.


Why Do Some Employers Offer Outplacement?

Two reasons usually spring up here:

  • Protection of company reputation: When job applicants and other businesses know that a particular company is offering outplacement support, it builds a good impression.
  • Genuine concern for the workforce: Some business owners simply have the heart to help their outgoing workers get their next job quickly. They understand the impact of this decision, and so they aim to protect everyone involved as much as they can.

Whatever their reason is, most employers who plan to offer outplacement usually approach professional HR services such as GetFive to give the best possible support for the impacted workers.


Tips to Maximize the Outplacement Support

If your company offers you an outplacement service with the severance package, these tips can help you capitalize on this service so that you can move on to your next career step:

  1. Show up.

When your company offers you this service, your best first step is to say yes and go to each session. Sure, you may still be reeling from the decision, but it’s better to move on and know what lies ahead.

The outplacement coach or team will arrange a series of meetings with you, depending on your preferred schedule.

  1. Ask your employer about the service’s effect on your paid time.

Will you still be paid by your employer in full, even if you’re spending some hours on the outplacement support? Clarify this with your company, so that you can make the necessary arrangements. For instance, you may opt to take the interviews and trainings outside working hours, if the company won’t be paying for your time on outplacement.

“Keep your goal uppermost, whether it is to get any job or if you have more specific goals. The more you focus on what you want the greater the chances that you will see opportunities that you might not otherwise. Every activity and communication can move you closer to your goal.” – You lost your job. Now what?

  1. Don’t hesitate to ask the outplacement provider.

If you have anything on your mind that bothers you throughout the process, voice it out with the professionals who are handling your outplacement service. Some questions that you need to ask include the following:

  • Will this service guarantee that I can get a job in the future?
  • Can I switch to a different career path?
  • What happens if I still cannot get a job after the agreed duration of the outplacement support?

By asking these questions, you can deduce if your employer is using the best practices to make sure that you’re not left in the dust after the layoff.

Better yet, you can conduct these inquiries before you agree to go through outplacement support in the first place. That way, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that the service will be beneficial to you.

Losing your job may sting you for a time, but knowing how to use outplacement services can help you move on to the next green pasture in no time.

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