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Choosing a career that we know will be fulfilling is important – we all want to feel like we’re making an active contribution in some way or another. However, feeling financially secure is not something many people are eager to sacrifice. Fortunately, there are a number of career paths out there that can check both of these boxes easily, leaving you with job satisfaction, room for growth in your career and a comfortable financial future. Here are some high-paying jobs that make an impact.


Though a vast field in itself, engineers of all kinds fall into both the high pay and high fulfillment categories, depending on where your skills and interests lie.

Civil engineers enjoy an incredibly varied and very creative line of work which makes a tangible impact on the communities they work in and the general public at largeCivil engineering jobs offer an amazing sense of contribution and pride in the effective designing of the spaces where a society lives and works, while also earning a great salary.

The designing, testing, and manufacturing of electrical equipment makes the role of an electric engineer vital to the functioning of society. Particularly for those interested in environmental protection, working on continuously improving energy sources and the efficient use thereof will make this work feel fulfilling as well as worth the hard work and high pressure.

Reconciling the work you are passionate about with financial freedom and security is no easy task When deciding on a career path, those are two important factors to consider amongst others such as career growth, demand, location and work hours.Click To Tweet

Computer engineering is another relatively vast field (including software and data engineering) that offers a generous income and job satisfaction. The creation of new technologies can positively impact almost every industry, making this work not only fun but meaningful. The potential for growth and the demand for this line of work is also immense due to the fact that it’s still considered an emerging field.

There are many more types of engineering jobs to investigate if you find yourself interested in learning more.


The state of world health is naturally an ever-growing concern, and contributing to the consideration, research and improvement thereof is always going to be meaningful work.

Physicians and surgeons are some of the highest-earning workers in the medical industry, and offer direct and a personal kind of impact on their patients by diagnosing and treating illnesses and injuries on varying levels. Knowing that your work is making a direct impact on making someone feel better, surviving healthcare issues, and even simply offering hope is very fulfilling.

Going into pharmacy also allows for great job satisfaction, especially if you value working closely with people. Building relationships with patients and ensuring the safe administration of medication plays a big role in healthcare. Furthermore, pharmacists play a major part in the innovations of new pharmaceutical technologies and drug development which contributes to the improvement of health on a global scale.

Interestingly enough, one of the higher-paying medical jobs has nothing to do with human biology at all. A job working as a veterinarian is one of the most fulfilling and satisfying jobs for an animal lover. Caring for pets, livestock and all other animals during illness and injury is difficult and emotional work, but well worth it for both the salary and the feeling of helping those who cannot help themselves.


Taking care of the planet is becoming more and more of a concern as years go by. Although it’s important for everyone to do their part in everyday life, some green workers are considered eco-heroes in the work they do for our environment.

Conservation scientists play a massive role in the management and improvement of our natural resources. People who are passionate about nature itself will do well in this role as they will be spending a lot of time outdoors, monitoring forestry and conservation practices, and also often work with forest fires, making a big contribution to managing and taking care of the natural world.

Environmental lawyers make a great salary too, for fighting to protect the environment. These lawyers represent clients on the side of protecting various environmental interests, including cases relating to pollution, hazardous waste, climate change, ocean protection, and more. Winning cases like these truly make an impact on the way businesses are forced to function and take responsibility for their environmental actions.

Education and Academics

It’s not a secret that teachers are not often paid their true worth for what they contribute to society. However, that doesn’t mean that working in education or the academic field will leave you scraping your pockets for cents each month.

Tertiary education is still a great option to look into, especially for those who are especially passionate about their academic field. University professors and those working in academic research are usually paid a substantial salary for their work, which is usually relational to the field within which they operate.

Contributing to research in any field you are passionate about will be fulfilling in itself, due to the nature of learning about your interests and contributing to the knowledge within your industry. Furthermore, teaching the topic of your passion at a tertiary level and sharing your knowledge with a future generation of workers, academics and researchers is an immense contribution to society at large, making this work fulfilling in more ways than one.

Reconciling the work you are passionate about with financial freedom and security is no easy task to manage. When deciding on a career path to follow, those are two important factors to consider amongst others such as career growth, demand, location, work hours, the amount of pressure, and so on. Thinking about what you want your ideal lifestyle to look like is a good place to start: do you value money over free time or are you more interested in having a family life? All these considerations will impact what will be the best decision for you, but keep in mind that you don’t always have to sacrifice job happiness and satisfaction for the sake of good financial prospects. The examples mentioned above are just a handful of the massively fulfilling and impactful jobs that offer great compensation, and there are far more options to investigate.

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