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Considering a Career as a Small Business Owner? Opportunities in the UAE

Becoming a small business owner is a great career choice for entrepreneurial minds. But how do you know if you have one? For starters, were you the child who went door-to-door selling things? When others were content sitting back, did you find ways to make money and save for that favourite toy, always managing to find creative ways to earn and save? Or perhaps now, as an adult, the first thing you still notice anywhere — be it at a football match, French market, travelling abroad or whilst taking a walk along your local high street — is the business that’s missing there but would do well in that environment.

If this is you, perhaps you should consider a career as a small business owner or entrepreneur. It takes some savvy marketing skills and an analytical business mind, plus the willingness to take calculated risks, the work ethic to put in long hours (especially in those first few years whilst getting your business started) and a love of connecting people with the products they need, but if all of these things sound a lot like you, you might have found your calling.

Of course, you have to determine not only what kind of product you want to sell, but where you want to sell it. Though the Internet allows you to sell anything to anyone, anywhere, studies continue to show that face-to-face contact with investors and employees matters; furthermore, being physically located in a place near other entrepreneurial, creative minds helps foster your own ideas and ambitions, and exposes you to opportunities you wouldn’t have encountered otherwise.

If you are looking for a place that offers access to venture capital, creativity, entrepreneurship, and a dynamic work force located in a strategic region of the world — near emerging markets in Asia, the Middle East and Africa — Dubai or Abu Dhabi in the UAE are great places to consider basing your business. And we haven’t even mentioned the tax-free enterprise zones located throughout the country that could potentially make your UAE business even more profitable.

However, many businesses are hampered by their inability to access capital for start-up costs, but the good news is that in the UAE, there is strong support for British and Western businesses from both the UAE government, business banking services in the UAE and from British trade and commerce groups that encourage investment in the country, and help budding entrepreneurs and small business owners establish contacts, find investors, and become acclimated with the UAE business community and UAE banks, which are among the best in the world when it comes to the business banking services they offer in the UAE (such as HBSC).

Economic activities in the UAE are diverse, and including global banking, tourism, entertainment, luxury services, oil services, import-export businesses, port and shipping services, retail, agriculture and many other industries. The UAE government and UAE banks are eager to see these sectors developed by international businesses and small business owners. All of these activities are possible thanks to industrious small — and large — businesses, and all are boosted by the UAE’s globally renowned banking sector, which includes a strong group of UAE banks offering strong business banking services in the UAE.

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