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A major in computer science and IT is quite promising in terms of career opportunities and growth. Technological advances in cloud computing, portable devices, social networking, and mobile applications are creating massive opportunities for computer scientists globally. Here some promising emerging computer science jobs.

Why Computer science Jobs?

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicted a 19% growth in computer science jobs in the US between 2010 and 2020, which represents about 1.8 million jobs in the sector by the year 2018.

Moreover, students are already experiencing this boom in job demand, with 80% of computer science majors from the University of Texas, Dallas, having jobs lined up before graduation. Moreover, the rewards for these jobs are quite lucrative.

A survey by the National Association of Colleges revealed that computer science jobs, on average, a starting salary of approximately $63,017, which is second only to chemical engineering in terms of the highest starting salary across all industries. Here are some of the emerging computer science jobs.

Application Developers

The growth of portable smart devices and operating systems has created numerous opportunities for application developers. These professionals translate the software requirements of computerized devices into practical programs for use by both individuals and organizations alike.

Application developers normally specialize but are not limited to single fields, for instance, accounting software, mobile applications, or graphics applications. They also have a thorough knowledge of at least one programming language such as JAVA or HTML.

To qualify for this position, most companies require suitable candidates to have a degree or higher national diploma in computer science or software engineering. Other desirable qualifications include relevant work experience in a high-level programming field coupled with ingenuity and creativity.

Forensic Analysts

Forensic analysts are computer scientists with special training in information retrieval. These professionals work with law enforcement agencies, private investigators, and tech companies to recover information from computers and data storage devices. They can recover and restore data from devices that may have incurred damage externally or internally.

In other words, these professionals have a working knowledge of computerized systems, including hard drives, memory chips, networks, and encryption. They should be adept in new forensic techniques and methodologies as well as computer evidence preservation.

Computer and Information Research Scientists

This career entails inventing and designing new approaches to computing systems. Professionals study and solve complex computing problems by discovering ingenious ways of using new technology.

This involves research into the application of computerized systems in areas such as business, science, medicine, entertainment, transport and other sectors of the economy. Chief among renowned computer and information research scientists was Steve Jobs, who was on the forefront of the discovery of many operating systems and devices.

Robotics Engineers

A career in robotics engineering often begins with a foundation in computer science. This core major gives learners a platform for specialized robotics studies, particularly in key areas such as computer modeling, software engineering, and artificial intelligence, which are all essential academic units for robotics.

One of the primary qualifications of a robotics engineer is a strong grasp of both computer science and mechanical engineering. What’s more, an aspiring robotics engineer must undergo significant training in designing and building intelligent systems, digital path planning, logic, and navigation systems.

Professional robotic engineers work in various industries including the gaming industry, telecommunications, toy manufacturers, hospitals, aviation industry, and other industrial settings.

All said Fa computer science major offers a flexible and lucrative career path for individuals keen on working in the technological field. Some of the hot careers for computer science graduates include application development, forensic analysis, research, and artificial intelligence.

In general, high school students with a strong bias for mathematics and science subjects such as algebra, calculus, physics, and trigonometry are more likely to excel in computer science and related careers, including the ones discussed in this article.

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